The Lion King end credits scene: Is it worth sticking around after the Disney remake?

It’s been 25 years since the animated classic hit the big screen. And now the live-action remake from Disney has arrived. The Lion King is the third reimagining of the studios this year, following in the wake of Dumbo and Aladdin. But come the finish, does the movie have an end credits scene?

No, The Lion King does not have an end credits scene, but it does end with the film’s title in the same way as the original.

The lack of an extra clip may come as a surprise to some Disney fans, considering the fact that they could also remake The Lion King 2: Simon’s Pride if this one’s another billion-dollar hit.

Or there could have been a comic moment with Timon and Pumbaa surely?

Meanwhile, The Lion King’s reviews have been pretty average, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 59%.

This is one per cent off the film being classified as fresh by the review aggregation website. gave the movie three stars, saying it was visually majestic but lacking that Disney magic.

The Lion King is the third live-action remake from the House of Mouse to be released in 2019, following Dumbo and Aladdin.

Later this year The Lady and the Tramp will premiere on Disney Plus.

While the first trailer for Mulan looks promising, despite some accusations of historical inaccuracy from Chinese fans.

Also in the works is The Little Mermaid, which will see Halle Bailey play Ariel.

The Lion King is released in UK cinemas on Friday.

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