The Crown series 4 trailer teases the breakdown of Diana and Charles’ marriage

The trailer for The Crown series four has left fans on their edge of their seats in anticipation for the new season which is due to land on Netflix next month.

In just a few short minutes, viewers were given a tremendous amount of insight as to just what can be expected from the newest edition.

This series will delve deep into Charles and Diana's turbulent marriage, starting with the couple's swift whirlwind romance and historical wedding before their relationship takes a sour turn.

In the preview, Margaret Thatcher takes the title as the UK's first ever female Prime Minister which seems to provide yet more political turmoil for the Royal family.

The official trailer, left fans barely able to contain their excitement as the Archbishop of Canterbury (Robert Runice) provided an captivating narration following Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981.

At the time of their vows, he famously said: "Here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made."

Emma Corrin, who plays the role of Diana, looks every bit like the young and carefree princess as she's brought to meet The Queen (Olivia Colman).

It is at this point that she captures the eye of the dashing prince, Charles (Josh O'Connor) and their romance begins to heat up.

The pair get close and enjoy a romantic dance around the palace before the trailer drifts off to showcase Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) about to greet the public for the first time since winning her first election.

In the past, it was speculated that the Queen and the Iron Lady, also known as Margaret Thatcher, hadn't seen eye-to-eye on the country's running.

Later, Charles and Diana's trip to Australia comes into frame, with thousands coming of members of the community coming forward to wish the pair well.

But behind closed doors, it seems that Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip are caught in some disagreement.

It had been believed that Philip had commanded that Charles should do the right thing and propose to Diana.

Pressure began to mount for Charles after he had reached the age of 30 and was still unmarried.

It seems that the Prince of Wales could have followed orders as the trailer skips to a clip of the pair getting engaged in 1981.

To outsiders it would seem that Charles and Diana shared an ideal relationship that was envied by the entire globe, however the insightful clip reveals that things could have took a nose dive as early on as their wedding day.

The famous Royal couple are shown at odds with one another in the middle of a church.

It all swiftly comes to a close for anxious viewers, with an image of the Princess sporting her iconic David Emanuel wedding gown.

Despite the furious argument, the pair did tie the knot in 1981, and later welcomed sons William in 1982 and Harry in 1984.

Diana and Charles finally parted ways in 1991, officially finalising their divorced in 1996. The Princess was then tragically killed in a car accident on 31st August 1997.

The Crown Series Four will be released on Netflix on Sunday, November 15th.

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