The Chases Bradley Walsh branded a d**k by Coronation Street beauty Kym Marsh

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Former Coronation Street Kym Marsh branded Bradley Walsh "a soapy d**k" during a hilarious moment on Sunday's throwback edition of The Chase Celebrity Special.

Kym, who left the soap in 2019, joined her former co-stars Shelley King, Daniel Brocklebank and Jack P Shepherd on the ITV game show in hope to bag some big money for charity.

After wowing both her fellow teammates and viewers at home with her general knowledge, the actress burst into giggles when Bradley gave her another question.

Trying not to laugh, Bradley asked: "Which TV presenter has the nickname Soapy Dick?"

"You!" the BBC star proclaimed.

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"I told you not to mention that," he laughed. "You promised me!"

Cracking up, Bradley was distracted and had to take a moment to compose himself before reading out the answers.

"Do you think it's Richard Arnold, Richard Bacon or Richard Madeley?" he continued.

With Kym guessing the correct answer – Richard Arnold – she managed to bank £6,000 for her team.

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Bradley caught the attention of viewers elsewhere in the episode by impersonating Donald Trump, after the former US President was an answer option for a question.

One fan gushed:"Bradley's impression of Trump on The Chase was on point".

Another added: "That Trump impression is the best thing Bradley has ever done".

"Bradley Walsh is hilarious," a third social media user said.

All four stars managed to make it through to the final chase with £20,000 up for grabs.

They tried their luck against quiz champion Shaun Wallace aka the Dark Destoyer in a tense round of general knowledge questions against the clock.

Jack, Kym, Daniel and Shelley managed to get a whooping 20 steps ahead of Shaun after their impressive performance.

Shaun stumbled on a question on Desperate Housewives and ended up of running out of time.

The result meant that the excited Corrie stars each went home with £5,000 each for their chosen charities.

Bradley congratulated the soap team on their win and joked that it was "a bad day in the office" for the Dark Destoryer.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV from 5pm

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