'The Bachelorette': What Does Hannah B. See In Luke P. That We're Missing?

From the first episode, Bachelorette Hannah Brown and contestant Luke P. have had an undeniable connection. He was awarded her first impression rose and, in the first few episodes, the two couldn’t keep their hands off one another (cut to the shirtless massage that took place during a cocktail party).

Though Hannah B. is a big fan of Luke P., she seems to be the only one. In the most recent episode, it became very evident just how every other contestant feels towards the polarizing first impression rose winner. After Luke P. supposedly body slammed Luke S. on the rugby field (an act that was not shown on camera), several contestants let Luke P. know how they felt about it.

Garrett called him out for lying: “Why would everybody else tell us another story than what you just told us? You just said, ‘Oh I pushed him down, he was on the ground, started cussing me, clenched fists,’ this is all after you said you don’t remember what happened,” he said.

Then Mike hit Luke P. with that brutal psychopath accusation: “I don’t think you’re right for Hannah. You, time and time again, are the issue. You are aggressive, you are abnormally violent, you scheme about things, you have lied about things. Your character has shown that you are unstable. You are a psychopath. That’s who you are,” he said.

And yet, despite his unpopularity in the house, Hannah B. has maintained her strong connection with Luke P. Just before the rugby match took place, Hannah B. told ET that she was “really excited about that relationship” when asked about Luke P.

She’s spoken before about how strong her relationship was with Luke P. during the beginning of filming.

“He was the first person I had a connection with. Like, real, indescribable connection with I would say,” she told ET.

In the same interview, she went on to say that her and Luke P.’s “emotional and physical connection is like far beyond the other men.”

So what are we missing?

The other contestants don’t like Luke P. Many of the fans watching along at home are wary of Luke P. What does Hannah B. see that we’re not?

We have to remember that Hannah B. only sees what she gets. She doesn’t get to watch any of the footage that’s filmed when she’s not there, but can’t she read the vibe he’s giving off? In other relationships, she’s being much more cautious. She just told Tyler C. on their one-on-one that she wasn’t sure about him at first because she thought he was a player. How can she be so unsure about Tyler C. but so sure about Luke P.? Either Luke P. is just a huge blind spot for her, or we’re not seeing a lot of their meaningful interactions. Maybe it’s a purely physical attraction, but even in the quote mentioned above she says she and Luke P. share an “emotional and physical connection [that’s] like far beyond the other men.”

Whatever the reason for Hannah B.’s original connection with Luke P., she seems to be a bit more wary of him these days. It seems like she can sense that he’s not very well liked in the mansion. But is it enough to send him home?

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