'The Bachelor': What Does Kelsey Weier Do for Work and What Has She Been up to Since Peter Weber's Season?

Kelsey Weier was a frontrunner on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. After being crowned Miss Iowa USA in 2017, she made a run for Miss USA the same year. Aside from the fiasco known as Champagne Gate, the former pageant queen is popular among fans of the ABC TV series. Weier’s charm and sweet disposition were finally revealed toward the end of the season. 

Let’s look at what the former Bachelor contestant is up to these days and reflect on her Champagne Gate scandal.

Kelsey Weier’s career in beauty

Weier made a splash during her time with Peter Weber on The Bachelor. Initially, she seemed to start off on the wrong foot. As reported by Life & Style Magazine, while other ladies went on dates with Weber, she spent a couple of nights sobbing. F ellow contestant Tammy Ly accused her of having an “emotional breakdown,” “drinking heavily,” and “taking medications,” which was clearly a tactic to break Weier down and put her out of the running.

The medications she was taking were, in fact, medications prescribed to her by her doctor. One of the medications was birth control; the other was Adderall. To explain her behavior, she said, “I want you to know I didn’t have an emotional breakdown. I was sad, I was really sad. It’s not like every day has been like that. It was just the first time after a one-on-one where my feelings were really strong.” 

Weier’s Champagne Gate scandal

Weier was at the center of one of the season’s most dramatic incidents, which was dubbed Champagne Gate.

Bustle reports that Kelsey was excited to join Weber for a glass of champagne she had received for her birthday and had been saving for a special occasion for over a year. It was a bottle of Dom Perignon, which is definitely not bottom-shelf booze. She was all set up when she heard a cork pop from another room. Someone else was sharing her bottle of Dom Perignon champagne with Weber. It turned out to be her rival, Hannah Ann Sluss.

Weier proceeded to lose her cool. Weber tried to make amends with the bottle that Sluss was supposed to use. But she knocked it over, and then it exploded in her mouth, causing her to spit champagne all over him. Although Sluss clearly took the wrong bottle, Weier didn’t handle the situation well. Sluss ended up being chosen and then dumped for Madison Prewett.

It turned out that after all the drama, Weier proved herself to be a sweet and genuine person as the show unfolded. Even if Weber didn’t work out for her, there are plenty more bachelors out there.

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