Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans DENIES rumors her and David broke up after he slaughtered and ate their family goat Elvis

JENELLE Evans has hit back at claims she has split from husband David Eason, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

Rumors started swirling that the couple’s relationship had taken a turn for the worse after David bragged about killing and eating the family’s goat.

The MTV star then posted a cryptic message about his things being packed up and "ready to go", leaving fans concerned about their relationship.

Despite the speculation, the Teen Mom star exclusively told The Sun that "nope" she and David have not split and are very much still together.

On Saturday, David showed off "goat nuggets" as he cooked them in the family kitchen before revealing on Sunday that he was actually eating “little baby Elvis” that they got last year.

He received a lot of backlash from fans for his graphic photos and videos of the dead animal, as well as for boasting about killing a family pet — especially after he admitted to killing Jenelle’s dog, Nugget, last year.

Now, Teen Mom fans think the duo have once again split up and that he’s left their home.

Jenelle posted a couple of cryptic messages on his Facebook, with the first one asking: “So what are you doing with the cat?”

The second let him know: “Well, your things are ready to go [and] will be here when you get back.”

One Redditer posted their theory that “David left because Jenelle got pissed off at him about all of the negative backlash about the goat.”

The user added: “So they get into a fight, he leaves, Jenelle realizes she’s alone and begins crying her eyes out at the top of her lungs.”

Another Redditer slammed David’s recent goat eating by commenting: “Go get that cat before they’re eating cat nuggets tomorrow for dinner."

Others noted that it’s possible she felt the need to message him on Facebook because David could’ve “blocked her from texting.”

David and Jenelle, who share 3-year-old daughter Ensley, split last year and Jenelle even filed for divorce from him and asked for a restraining order after alleging abuse against her and the kids.

In October 2019, after leaving him, Jenelle moved to Nashville with Ensley and sonKaiser.

Jenelle, who is also mom to son Jace, 10, filed a temporary restraining order request against David, alleging 11 incidents of abuse.

After a few months apart, she took him back in early 2020 and dropped the restraining order.

They later split up once again after David was arrested in June for allegedly hitting one of Jenelle’s friends with a weapon, but she took him back shortly after that.

Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 in May 2019 when David admitted to shooting and killing the family’s French bulldog for nipping at Ensley.

Child Protective Services also removed their children from their care. The children were returned in July 2019 after a series of court hearings.

This latest rumored split comes after David posted about eating goat nuggets and showed off two pieces of raw meat where he wrote: "This is where goat nuggets come from, for all those asking."

He addressed the camera directly as he bit into a grilled piece of meat: "If you're wondering what a goat taste like off the grill, well I'm here to tell you: tastes like chicken, tastes a little like beef or pork and it's real good."

David then dropped the bomb when he told his fans that "this is Elvis, the little baby we had last year."

"It's f***ing delicious, people should eat more goat."

Instead of commenting on the incident and all of the backlash, Jenelle shared videos to her own Instagram a couple of days later of herself talking sweetly to the pet goats they still had and petting them.

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