Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at troll who cruelly claims she 'blew up like a balloon' after she posts cooking video

JENELLE Evans lashed out at haters who judged her health and weight after she posted a TikTok while cooking biscuits and gravy.

The Teen Mom star has been vocal about wanting to lose weight after admitting that her wedding ring no longer fits her finger.

Jenelle, 29, took to TikTok today to share her recipe for the southern classic dish biscuits and gravy.

The reality star began the compilation while using a fake Italian accent, as she jokingly told her followers she will be "cooking the famous TikTok pasta."

The mom of three went through the entire recipe, which included using butter, sausage, milk, flour, and several seasonings.

Fans were shocked at the unhealthy nature of the dish, as they rushed to the comments to share their opinions.

One disgruntled fan showed concern, as they wrote: "That's so bad for you to be eating every single morning. I can't believe you guys eat that every day."

Jenelle was quick to clap back at the troll, as she snapped: "I don't eat this every single morning."

Another was more harsh with their criticism, as they slammed: "Is that all you guys eat?! No wonder you blew up like a balloon."

The controversial personality answered sarcastically: "Lmfao yes that's all I eat. Nothing else in my diet."

Jenelle has previously expressed interest in trimming down, after admitting to a fan that she can no longer fit in her wedding ring.

After sharing a video with black and white silicone bands in place of her diamond, one inquired: “If you don’t mind me asking, is there a reason you don’t wear your wedding ring?”

The North Carolina native's immediate response was that her followers would “understand” once they’d been “married for a few years.”

But, after a few more showed interest in the subject, she opened up about the struggle.

 “I got fat and had it resized 3 times the wrong way. 

“So now I’m scared to get it resized again… so I give up for now until I lose weight.”

Jenelle previously shared that she exercises by learning and performing TikTok dances.

On one particular dance post, she captioned the clip:  “Now if I can just get fit then this would look better. 😂👍🏼.”

The Teen Mom alum has also slammed body-shamers for their cruel comments on the internet.

The young mom showed off her curves in just lingerie as she posed in a red lighted room.

Jenelle captioned the video: "When someone makes fun of your body… show it off.

"#SelfLove Let’s see you do a reaction to this."

Not only does the MTV star receive body hate, but she also faces more serious threats from angry internet trolls.

A furious follower sent a vicious DM to the TV personality, which she then shared on her Instagram stories.

"You're literally the biggest piece of s**t I have ever watched on TV, f**king junkie you are literally the definition of a mom that someone should never have," he scolded.

"You deserved the worst life could possibly offer you. You f**king scumbag, what made you think it was a good idea to have more kids?

 "I wish relapse on you. You deserve to f**king die," the fan ranted.

Jenelle took a positive route as she asked her following to: "Give him some love. He needs it."

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