Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's mother Debra, 63, sings new music as she dances around draped in BULLETS & holding wine

FARRAH Abraham’s mom Debra, 63, teased a new music video she’s working on by dancing around draped in bullets and holding a bottle of wine.

Teen Mom fans were shocked by the clip, wondering "what was going on” in the video and with Deb.

Farrah’s mother has been working on music for the last few years, releasing songs and accompanying music videos, each one garnering worried reactions from followers.

In Debra’s latest Instagram video, she danced around in her home, wearing tight leather pants, platform combat boots, and a bandolier of bullets worn like a sash over her shoulder.

She showed off her “bts music video dance moves” as she lip-synched to her song Bullets & Booze, aptly dressed in the bullets and carrying around a bottle of wine in one hand as she moved all over.

“A little sneak peek as I am working on NEW music videos for you all,” she teased to her followers.

“In the meantime go stream ‘Bullets & Booze’ on Apple, Spotify & United Masters! #music #debzog #rap #celebrate #nightout #goodtimes”

Not all of her fans were excited about this new video, though, with some calling it a “mid life crisis” and begging her to “stop making a fool” of herself.

Others said “to each their own” and that Deb’s posts are “so fun” and “amazing.”

Earlier this month, while wearing a black gown, Deb told her followers: “This is what a morning pep talk looks like at my house.”

Farrah’s mom then broke out into song, singing: “Feeling free, I feel alive. Yeah, a piece of mind I couldn’t find that.”

She continued to sing about how she was “living like a bad dream on repeat.”

Alongside the video, the MTV alum wrote: “My kind of Morning Pep Talk! #peptalk #morningpeptalk #debradanielsen #debzog.”

A number of Teen Mom fans took to the comments section to slam Deb, who releases music under the rap name Debz OG, for the “bizarre” video.

She previously shocked fans by uploading a clip of her dancing in the mesh Louis Vuitton print top, which revealed her bra and thong underwear.

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