Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's mother Debra, 63, launches OnlyFans page as fans say she's 'ridiculous and going off deep end'

FARRAH Abraham's 63-year-old mother has announced the launch of her OnlyFans page, as she hopes to promote her music on the X-rated site.

The Teen Mom star's mother has shocked fans in the past with her sexually explicit content, and now many are pleading with Debra to step back from her new venture.

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The grandmother took to Instagram today to share word of her new OnlyFans account, where she urged her 75,000 followers to join her on the platform.

In a photo taken in her office, Debra posed in a leather chair with her hand on her hip as she gave the camera a smoldering look in a black beret hat.

The reality star captioned the image: "⭐️SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!⭐️ I am now on OF! If you want AMAZING, exclusive music content, this is the place you want to be!

"You can check it out in the link in my Bio, and will post a story shortly! #debradanielsen #debzog."

Fans were appalled at Debra's new account, as they urged the grandmother to focus on other priorities.

"Isn't anyone close to her, aware that she is ridiculous and slipping off the deep end? She needs some kind of help! Poor Sophia," one expressed.

Others referenced Teen Mom star Farrah, 29, who was reportedly a stripper at an Austin nightclub in 2014.

"Wtf. LOL like mother like daughter," another reflected while others showed concern for Farrah's 11-year-old daughter Sophia.

"Poor Sophia doesn't stand a chance," a third empathized.

This wasn't Debra's first attempt at erotic social media content, though, after she released a video seductively dancing to her rap single released in September.

Wearing a floor-length see-through patterned dress with slits on either side, Debra showed off her strappy black panties.

Swaying back and forth, the grandmother presented fluffy black handcuffs to the camera right as the video closed.

Debra captioned her flirty dance: "“Have you checked out the official music video for my new rap single “Side Hustle” Yet?"

The reality star's followers roasted her post:“U really need to act ur age and stop trying to be something ur not. Mid life crisis is what it looks like.”

Another laughed: “This is just ridiculous 😆” while a third cracked: “I can't even…I don't know how this is real life like when did this happen 😂😂😂😂😂 literally dying."

In August Farrah's mother shocked fans yet again after releasing a scandalous music video called "White Woman's Rap."

Many called the recording "disgraceful" as Debra grooved and bopped along to her song wearing a see-through black mesh bodysuit with only her nipples covered.

The TV personality rapped: “We don’t cut no slack. We just set the tone.

“We won’t hold you back. We just hold yours stacks you’ll be like ‘give them back,'" while young back-up dancers popped and dropped in the background.

Fans absolutely obliterated Debra for the outlandish clip, one scoffing at her costuming.

“What the f**k!!!! Why are you wearing that you look ridiculous… please fire the stylist… they did you wrong… get your money back. WOW!!!!”

“Oh my freaking lord! Is she kidding us with that outfit?? That is not sexy whatsoever,” another trolled.

A third disgruntled follower added a serious note: “No words can describe the disgrace in this video… officially scared for humanity and a little nauseous."

“There should be a warning prior to the video playing… viewer discretion is advised,” a final savagely joked.

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