Teen Mom Catelyn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra 'reunite with daughter they placed for adoption, Carly, 12, after two years'

TEEN Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were able to visit with their daughter they placed for adoption, Carly, 12.

They hadn't been able to see her in two years because of the pandemic.

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account shared a tweet from Catelynn and Tyler's adoption counselor, Dawn Baker.

The three posed for a picture together, and Dawn tweeted: "Such a fun-filled weekend with a few of my favorite people. @CatelynLowell @TylerBaltierra #12yearvisit #openadoption #love."

It appears this was Catelynn and Tyler's first visit with Carly, who they placed for adoption when she was born, since before the pandemic.

They placed Carly for adoption when they were in high school and shared their story on 16 & Pregnant.

Earlier this month, Catelynn posted birthday wishes to her oldest daughter, Carly, whom she had when she was in high school.

Along with a picture of a much younger version of the two of them, she wrote: "Today you are 12… 12! I can’t believe it… I remember the day you were born like a movie I have seen a million times… It was a few days of love, snuggles, but so many tears also..

"Adoption is hard on so many levels but it has its amazing moments as well.. the life you have I wouldn’t of been able to give you when I was only 16 and I hope you will understand that as you continue to grow into adulthood… knowing that @tylerbaltierramtv and I loved you so much that we gave you all that we couldn’t in that moment…

"we love you and we think about you everyday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY."

Catelynn recently revealed she and Tyler hadn't been able to see Carly due to the pandemic and feared they are missing out on her growing up.

Catelynn said on the show: "We've been trying to get pregnant so we can't help but think of our first daughter, Carly, who we placed for adoption. Because of Covid, we haven't seen her in two years so I feel like we're missing out on getting to know her.

"Communication with her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, has always been complicated. I don't want to offend them with how we reach out to her."

On the reunion Tyler explained even years later, the couple "still feel inferior" to Brandon and Theresa.

"It's because in the snap of a finger they could take everything away," the reality star confessed.

Catelynn and Tyler are also parents to daughters Novalee, six, and Vaeda, one, and they are soon expecting their fourth daughter.

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