'Teen Mom 2': David and Jenelle Take a Day Trip in the Middle of Their Custody Battle

If you are busy trying to prove you want your kids back should you take a vacation? Probably not, but that’s precisely what Jenelle Evans and David Eason decided to do over the Memorial Day Weekend. After leaving a court hearing on May 28 the troubled couple packed up their car and took off for a little fun in the nation’s capital. Evans and Eason took to D.C. to get away from it all, but fans are seeing the move as incredibly troubling.

Jenelle and David in DC

Shortly after hearing that they would not have their children returned to their care on May 28, David and Jenelle allegedly took a day trip to the nation’s capital. According to Pop Culture, Jenelle’s representatives allege the couple headed out of town for business purposes, but fans are still seeing it as a bold move, considering the custody situation they’ve found themselves in.

The trip allegedly had something to do with Evans’ cosmetic line. The former reality TV starlet has been trying to revitalize the brand in recent months. JE Cosmetics, Jenelle’s brand, has been hard at work posting to Instagram. They even teased a brow kit that is allegedly being released over the summer. Teen Mom 2 fans, however, have taken to the Instagram page to disparage the former star and the timing of her attempt to make her makeup brand happen.

The vacation didn’t stop the drama

While the couple spent time alone in Washington, DC, it did little to dull their attitudes. They were right back in court on June 4 to discuss the state of their custody trouble. Apparently, it didn’t end well for the former stars. Not only did Jenelle violate her custody agreement right on the steps of the courthouse, but Eason attempted to ramp up the drama by baiting Nathan Griffith as he chatted with paparazzi.


Evans, clutching her 2-year-old child who is in the care of Barbara Evans, decided to pick a fight with her mother. The 28-year-old former reality star even threatened to call CPS on the elder Evans. The threat allegedly stems from pictures that were posted of the child. It’s impossible to ascertain what pictures Evans is referring to, but according to Reddit fans she might be talking about photos posted by her older brother, Colin. Colin allegedly posted shots of Ensley to Snapchat. The content of those images is unknown. Colin and Jenelle have had a troubled relationship and reportedly don’t speak.

Why did David Eason try to call out Nathan Griffith?

While Jenelle was busy bickering with Babs, Eason didn’t want to be left out when it came to the drama. After pulling the car around, the father of three saw Nathan Griffith speaking with reporters outside the courthouse. From the safety of Jenelle’s truck, he attempted to bait the former Marine. Eason is heard asking why he was talking to reporters before flipping him off and driving away.

Griffith currently has custody of 4-year-old Kaiser. He appeared on Teen Mom 2 while in a relationship with Jenelle Evans. Since then he has been battling to obtain custody of the child, accusing David Eason of being abusive. Griffith, however, has been accused of domestic violence by several former flames. He allegedly has been working through his issues in therapy.

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