Spoilers: Marlon is crushed as he loses his job in Emmerdale?

When Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) suffered a life-changing stroke in Emmerdale, one thing in particular that quite simply broke his heart into pieces was accepting the fact working in the Woolpack kitchen wouldn’t be able to happen for a very long time.

Working as a chef is in Marlon’s blood. He’s been in the industry for what feels like forever so to have that taken away from him thanks to a health scare that happened completely out of the blue, he feared he’d never be able to work again.

At one point during Marlon’s recovery, a slight disagreement and clash with physiotherapist Kit (played by Thoren Ferguson…also has anyone seen Kit these days?) saw Mary (Louise Jameson) develop an idea.

Marlon was missing the person he used to be before his stroke, so Mary bought a mountain of tomatoes and told him that chopping them up with a knife would become part of his recovery journey, the plan was altered to help Marlon redevelop his chefing skills again and in turn, getting back to ‘normal’ actually felt like a goal within touching distance.

As Marlon grew stronger, he headed into the Woolpack kitchen with his pal, Paddy (Dominic Brunt).

While Marlon couldn’t make a wedding cake for him and Rhona (Zoe Henry) completely on his own, being back in the working environment and helping Paddy benefited him hugely.

Next week is a big week for Marlon, as he’s aware he’s getting closer to being able to work again.

However, with the pub looking for another chef (not sure where Tall Paul has gone, to be honest), he starts to wonder if his job may go to someone else.

In the end, Marlon helps Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) – who moved from The Hide to the pub to help out – and Rhona is thrilled to see him finding his purpose again…but could Marlon and Vic work together in the Woolpack kitchen until he’s strong enough to run things on his own?

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