Spoilers: Kim teaches Gabby her evil ways in Emmerdale

Kim Tate (Claire King) in Emmerdale recently admitted that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) has done a far better job at doing as she asks then her son Jamie (Alexander Lincoln), and soon Kim finds herself a new recruit, as she begins to teach Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) her evil ways.

When Kim asks where Dawn (Olivia Bromley) is, Gabby attempts to drop her in it by pointing out she’s asked to leave early that day, but an unimpressed Jamie defends she has a meeting with social services.

Dawn returns and Jai (Chris Bisson) accuses her of stealing Bear’s (Joshua Richards) wallet. She despairs as Jai sacks her, and an inscrutable Kim sees a glimmer of a smile on Gabby’s face.

Later, at Home Farm, Kim tells Gabby she’s wiped the CCTV and knows it was her who set Dawn up. Kim admits to an encouraged Gabby she’s shown potential, though reminds her she has a lot to learn.

The next day, Gabby is smug as Dawn clears her desk but when Jamie enters, Kim is thrown as he reveals he won’t be working there anymore, and is going back to the vets permanently and offers Dawn a job as the vets’ receptionist.

Gabby and Kim are left fuming, and Kim tells Gabby she’ll be shadowing her from now on.

How much will working for Kim impact Gabby’s life?

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