Spoilers: Horror for Sienna in Hollyoaks as villainous Warren Fox returns

Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) has had the year from hell in Hollyoaks, but it seems as if there could be more heartache round the corner for her, as Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) arrives back in the village during the coming episodes — and he’s intent on putting his family back together, which can only mean bad things for Sienna.

Viewers will remember that — earlier this year— Sienna stumbled upon two twins in a luxurious hotel that she believed to be Sophie and Sebastian. In spite of everything suggesting that the children weren’t hers, she refused to stop believing, and went as far as to masquerade as the kids’ au pair, before attempting to drive off with them in tow.

Brody (Adam Woodward) and Liberty (Jessamy Stoddart) made her see sense, but viewers later learned that she was, in fact, right the whole time, as au pair Nina returned the twins to Warren.

In the time that has passed since then, Sienna’s been determined to start her own family with Brody — something which has proven incredibly difficult.

They discussed surrogacy, adoption and fostering — all of which never came to pass — so Liberty decided that her and Brody should sleep together in order to give Sienna the child she so desperately craves.

After the Christmas period, Sienna discovered the pair’s betrayal and, in the coming episodes, she’s jealous when she sees the two of them in Salon De The.

However, this could be the least of Sienna’s problems, as little does she know that Warren gets off a ship with the twins in tow and tells them that it’s time to put their family back together.

Later, he follows Sienna — but she remains unaware of this.

What is Warren intending on doing?

What’s more, will Sienna discover his presence in the village?

One to watch: Thursday 9th January at 7pm on E4.

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