Spoilers: Hollyoaks star teases ‘darker’ future for Ollie as he turns to drugs

Ollie Morgan (Aedan Duckworth) is struggling to come to terms in Hollyoaks with Brooke Hathaway’s (Talia Grant) decision to give their baby up for adoption — not to mention the fact that he’s just discovered that dad Luke (Gary Lucy) has a terminal illness, but it seems as if there’s going to be more dark days aplenty for the young man, as he starts down a dangerous path in the coming episodes.

Ollie was left heartbroken when — after watching his baby come into the world — he was forced to say goodbye, as Brooke had decided she wanted to put the child up for adoption.

Viewers had previously seen Ollie desperately come up with alternative plans that could allow for him to take on the responsibility of looking after the baby, but in the end, he agreed to do what Brooke thought was best.

Speaking about the pain Ollie experienced in saying goodbye to his child, actor Aedan said: ‘It was absolutely awful for him, devastating. He really loved that child, even before he was born.’

‘He was always keeping a little bit of hope that Brooke would see the little twinkle in his eyes and want to keep him, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. When he had to see his little baby go away, it was horrifying. With adoption laws, it’s actually quite difficult for him now to see the boy. It’s just absolutely awful for him.’

Following this heartbreak, Ollie discovered that Luke has a terminal illness, which is naturally something that he struggled to get his head around. Aedan said: ‘He has not had much luck in the village has he?! It’s just another thing to add on to the pile, and Ollie is such a young lad. From Brooke getting pregnant, debating whether to bring a new child in to this world, and then finding out his dad’s got a terminal illness, it’s all devastating. I don’t know how else to describe it, it’s a catastrophic situation.

Unfortunately for Ollie, things are set to get even worse for the young man, as he enters self-destruct mode next week, and goes on a big night out with Sid (Billy Price) — which gives him the opportunity to encounter Jordan (Connor Calland), and proceeds to buy drugs off him.

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Aedan said: ‘Ollie will always fall in to the trap of thinking that the person who’s hard, the person that’s scary, who no one wants to talk to, or wants to upset, who gets involved in something he shouldn’t get involved with, is quite a cool guy.’

‘I wouldn’t say he idolises him, but he does look up to him and think he’s pretty cool. He’s also very sceptical, scared, and intimidated.’

‘I don’t think he trusts him. It could have been anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your best mate, or someone you’ve just met. It’s more just the self-destruct, he’s not bothered, however he can get hold of it, he’ll get it.’

Ollie’s been through so much already, and Aedan reckons that the character’s decision to turn to drugs will no doubt result in more chaos and devastation in the future.

‘I can only see the future being a lot darker and a lot worse for him if this is the way he wants to deal with things. Unfortunately, I can’t see any positives. He’s going to have to go through a lot still.’

‘He’s already been through losing his kid, his dad’s terminal illness – that’s only going to get worse. If drugs are going to get added to the mix now as well, it’s not a good time for Ollie. I was hoping for a more positive future for him but that’s not the case. We’ll just see where it takes him.’

Hollyoaks continues Friday 21 February at 7pm on E4.

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