Sophie Turner Explains Her 'Embarrassing' Tweets (She Still Doesn't Know How to Spell Cersei!)

Sophie Turner is the latest star of Twitter’s #BehindTheTweets series — and she doesn’t disappoint.

The Game of Thrones actress proved she has no problem laughing at herself, especially when confronted with her years-old tweets.

“I knew you guys were going to find the embarrassing ones,” she said. “I have like, a multitude of embarrassing tweets from back in these days. I remember my first paparazzi experience — I tweeted something like, ‘Wow, thank you so much for the warm welcome to L.A.!’ ”

The X-Men: Dark Phoenix star also dished on her love for Spongebob Squarepants after tweeting about the cartoon last year.

“I have loved Spongebob my entire life,” she said. “I used to pretend I was stick because I wanted to take off school and watch the Spongebob marathon, but my mom started clocking onto the days and the times when I would be ill. Spongebob has always been a big part of my life and I love him dearly. Very, very in love with Spongebob.”

Asked to explain a tweet from 2016 about “Chanandler Bong,” a garbled version of Matthew Perry‘s character’s name on Friends, Turner revealed she regularly encountered the actor, who was rehearsing for a play at the time, on her street.

“I would walk around the corner every day to go to my local Budgens, which is a great little supermarket … and I would see Matthew Perry outside smoking a cigarette,” she said. “I bought a lighter from Budgens so that I could walk up to him and offer to light his cigarette. It was already lit, so that was just embarrassing.”

“I thought he might see this tweet and I don’t know, reach out to me and ask me on a date or something,” she joked. “But he didn’t.”

Turner also stood by a tweet she once posted about being “in love” with her Thrones costar and longtime best friend Maisie Williams.

“Well, I just love Maisie,” she said. “She’s my sister. She’s my soulmate. She is my lover. She’s just great. I love her so much. Is there anything else I can say about that? She’s just wonderful.”

Last but not least, Turner was asked about a tweet clarifying the spelling of Thrones‘ villain Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey).

“I still don’t know how to spell Cersei,” Turner said with a laugh. “After 10 years on a show, you would think that I would know how to spell the names. But when you have names like Daenerys Tar-shnerssza-yen and Cersei of Lannister and things like that, it’s just tricky. I only know Sansa. She’s the only one that matters.”

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