Simon Cowell storms off Britain’s Got Talent stage in rage

  Simon Cowell was left spitting feathers at his B ritain's Got Talent producers when he was asked to take part in an act.

Ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley pulled up the head judge alongside David Walliams in a segment that some viewers called "car-crash TV".

Simon looked unimpressed as he had to wear a mouth-piece while Jimmy cracked jokes about him and David's imagined relationship.

But things came to a total stop when Simon was asked to do a can-can dance with David and Jimmy grabbed hold of his legs.

A furious Simon stormed off the stage in a rage yanking off his mask as he refused to complete the task at hand.

Poor Jimmy looked awkward as he tried to finish off his act while David did his best to wrap things up.

Luckily Simon had a change of heart and wandered back on without the mask and willingly went into the waiting cargo box that was on the stage alongside his fellow judge.

Afterwards sensing Simon's discomfort, Alesha commented on the act: "Why couldn't you have used Ant and Dec. Very awkward but very funny."

Ant and Dec, who found it hilarious interrupted: "But it wouldn't have been as funny!"

Amanda added that she cringed watching the act: "It's very much like when your boss is forced to get up at the Christmas party… It felt like that. It's Simon's worst nightmare."

A very unimpressed Simon fumed that he wasn't pleased with the producers who would have to have giving the approval for his role.

"When you read about [these producers} being murdered in two days… You know who you are Nigel, Charlie, Sam and Cassandra, thanks for that I really appreciate it," he sarcastically added.

However a TV insider has said that Simon's upset was all purely for entertainment: "Simon is absolutely fine. He’s been laughing about it during the ad break. There’s been lots of laughter in the dressing room, with a few production members jokingly acting with their tails between their legs! But Simon saw the funny side."

They explained that Jimmy had accidentally niggled an injury of Simon's and he took measures to stop any unintentional damage.

“It turns out the reason Simon left the stage was due to an old ski-ing injury. Jimmy grabbed hold of Simon’s knee but, understandably, won’t have realised about Simon’s old injury when he wanted him to do the can-can.

"So Simon had to take the lead to stop any embarrassment! Backstage, everyone has been giggling – and Simon thinks it was a great TV moment!”

Viewers watching at home also said the moment was unbearable: "Simon Cowell defo has anxiety issues imo. Car crash stuff #BGT"

Another said: "Seeing bgt by mistake- this ventriloquist bit with Simon & David is cringeworthy – ashamed to say like a car crash I can’t look away.

"Oh god. This ventriloquist act is mortifying. Simon Cowell’s entire energy is amazingly awkward," said TV presenter Matt Edmonson.

Britain’s Got Talent airs live all this week on ITV at 7:30pm.

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