‘She needs space!’ Anton Du Beke slams Dan Walker for quickstep ‘She can’t breathe!’

Strictly: Tess and Claudia introduce the show

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Anton Du Beke has stepped up as a judge for this series of Strictly Come Dancing and he is already giving out plenty of advice to the contestants. 

Dan Walker from BBC Breakfast danced with Nadiya Bychkova and they performed quickstep to Everybody Needs Somebody To Love by The Blues Brothers. 

Dan has been labelled the ‘dad’ of the group by the rest of the celebs, and he has been making everyone feel at home. 

Following his performance, he laid down on the floor, exhausted, but Anton said: “I have to be honest with you, I thought you were going to be awful. 

“But you were terrific, I love your energy, you covered the floor. Your arms aren’t quite perfect, Nadiya needs a little bit of space to dance with, at the moment she can barely breathe.”

Craig said he needed to stop mouthing the counts and he got lost in his footwork, but he added: “I was pleasantly surprised.”

Motsi and Shirley were both on their feet, with Motsi saying he “risked something” and gave it his best. 

Shirley praised his form, saying he had a very long neck, had great power, and she said he picked himself up and carried on following his mistakes. 


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