Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week as Meena tortures injured David

EVIL Meena Jutla messes with injured David Metcalfe’s pain medication next week and makes him relive the harrowing events of the Hide siege. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the Dales…

1. Meena causes chaos

Meena takes her controlling behaviour up a notch when she arrives back from Ibiza.

Jacob and Priya fear the worst when David collapses and Priya offers to move in with him. 

The following day, Meena arrives back and hits the roof when she sees some suitcases and a chef’s hat by the door. 

Convinced the items belong to Victoria, she bursts in guns blazing but stops in her tracks when she sees Priya. 

2. David spirals

At the Hide, David suffers a horrific flashback to the night of the siege when Carl fires a cap gun at him. 

David and Victoria share a moment as she checks on him, but the mood is shattered when Meena arrives. 

Meena warns Victoria to keep away from David, who’s unsettled by her possessive tone. 

3. Meena tortures David

David is uneasy when Meena tells him she’ll be administering his pain medication from now on. 

Meena replaces his extra-strong painkillers with paracetamol, before making him relive the events of The Hide siege. 

What is she up to?

4. Kim hires a private detective

Kim grows suspicious that her son is up to something and employs someone to track him down.

Viewers know that Jamie was secretly fleeing from Gabby after confessing his feelings for his ex Dawn Taylor when he crashed his car.

The episode ended with the car sinking into the water, but is Jamie alive?

5. Charles gets a blast from the past

Harriet is worried when Charles seems shaken by a mysterious message he receives on his phone. 

The following day, Charles rejects a call and Harriet sees another worrying message on his pone. 

Later, viewers will see an angry Charles call his tormentor and order them to stop hounding him. 

Charles later has a covert meeting in the woods, but who is the mystery person?

6. Al keeps a secret

Paddy tries to convince Marlon and Chas that they should accept Al’s offer to buy into the pub.

Chas is wary of Al and tells him that he can have a third of the pub rather than the half share he was expecting.

Will Al accept and does he have an ulterior motive behind his investment in the pub?

7. Faith self-medicates

Faith struggles to cope with the pain of her arthritis next week and starts to self-medicate with alcohol. 

Will Faith get help before it’s too late?

Last month, viewers were relieved when Faith received the news that her cancer had not returned. 

Dr Manpreet did diagnose Faith with rheumatoid arthritis, however, which has been causing her a great deal of pain.

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