SAS:Who Dares Wins’ Foxy talks about ‘setbacks’ amid Ant Middleton axe

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SAS: Who Dares Wins star Jason Fox has spoken out on failure after his co-star Ant Middleton was fired from the show, Channel 4 claims.

Channel 4 released a statement on Monday confirming Ant had been let go.

A number of crew members allegedly raised concerns with Channel 4 and Minnow Films anonymously during an end of year review, The Mirror reported.

Asked about the claims, Channel 4 told the publication: "We can’t comment on anonymous allegations, however, we take issues of welfare very seriously. We clearly set out our expectations of behaviour in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We are satisfied appropriate action has been taken."

And now Jason has uploaded a video addressing failure.

The star took to his official Twitter account to share his tips on overcoming setbacks and failure with his 196,000 followers.

He tweeted: "DEALING WITH SETBACKS. It’s something we have all had to do and something we might likely face again.

"Recognise them as learnings, reflect, recock, reload then attack the next phase of your life successfully #LifeUnderFire."

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The star uploaded a video of him briefly explaining what people can do when they experience a failure or setback to turn it into a success.

Jason told his followers: "Okay so, when it comes to dealing with and coping with setbacks or failures the best thing you can do is actually enter into a reflection phase or what we call a 'deprive yourself' phase."

The star then said you look at "how that setback occurred or how it failed or how you dealt with that setback".

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He continued: "Then essentially what you're doing is teaching yourself how to reload and then attack the next phase of your life successfully."

On Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Ant spoke out for the first time against Channel 4's claims of his "inappropriate personal conduct".

Asked what the channel meant by his personal conduct towards women, Ant replied by saying bosses would often tell him off for the way he spoke to female contestants but insists he spoke to them in the same way he would to men.

Ant said: "They're [Channel 4] coming out with excuses, everything like inappropriate comments it's like you're on SAS: Who Dares Wins you know we say inappropriate things and we do inappropriate things that if you get offended by them then so be it."

Ant continued: "You know the course is a hard course. It's hardcore, it's gritty.

"You're going to see inappropriate things, you're going to witness inappropriate things, but its never direct.

"When it says 'inappropriate comments' it wasn't direct its what someone has seen on the show and gone, 'oh I don't like what they've done to that recruit' and they have made complaints like that."

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