Rio Ferdinand says Prince William was ‘out of order’ giving him OBE

Rio Ferdinand worried about racist abuse during 2022 World Cup

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The Manchester United icon is set to appear on Saturday’s The Jonathan Ross Show, where he will talk about what it’s like to meet the future king. However, in a pre-recorded episode of the ITV staple, he described the Prince of Wales as acting “out of order” when he reflected on receiving his OBE from him.

It was recently announced the former footballer will be receiving the honour for his services to sport and charity work.

He admitted the prince made a cheeky jibe over football when presenting him with the OBE, which Rio will share with ITV viewers in the upcoming episode.

Discussing the moment. Rio, 44, told The Jonathan Ross Show viewers: “I was delighted by that.

“He was a bit out of order if I must be honest. Aston Villa, his team he supports, beat Man United at the weekend and that was the first thing he said.”

The slur didn’t seem to offend him too much though, as he went on to detail: “But no it was great, it was great to see him.

“I’ve been lucky to meet him quite a few times so talking about family really.

“‘How your family are doing, how mine are doing,’ and I was just – no matter how many times you meet someone of that stature, you walk in and your knees are buckling all over the place and nervous.

“Yeah definitely – it’s the future king, man. It’s Prince William man, there’s levels.”

Explaining how that change came about, he continued: “Until my dad said to me, ‘Listen, we can’t keep this up. You’re going ballet, you’re going athletics, you’re going drama school, you’re going football… what do you want to be?’

“I said, ‘I want to be a footballer.’ Luckily enough it came.”

He jokingly added: “I was on the route to stardom doing ballet, before Billy Elliot.”

Discussing his new documentary, which looks into issues within football, including racism and mental health, he explained: “My children talk about, ‘Dad, there’s something going on about racism, why are people taking the knee etc?’

“I want to be able to go to my kid and say, ‘Go here, you can go read up on it here.’

“All the stakeholders in the game have got their own slogans, their own campaigns, which really confuses a young mind when they’re looking to find out, what is racism in football, how are they looking to combat it.

“I went to a pub in Burnley and the guys in there had flown a plane over a game and it was in the time when Black Lives Matter marches were going on.

“They flew a plane over with the sign White Lives Matter. I wanted to kind of understand the mindset of these guys and kind of why they chose to do that. Very interesting conversation. Some unique thoughts.”

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 10pm on ITV.

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