Race against time in Emmerdale as Chas and Marlon seek to save suicidal Paddy

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) has gone missing again in Emmerdale but fortunately, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) think they know where he’s gone.

The beloved character has been struggling with his mental health ever since he discovered Chas’ affair.

In recent weeks, Paddy left the village which prompted his friends and family to start looking for him.

However, a phone call to Bear (Joshua Richards) saw Paddy tell his loved ones to stop looking – he didn’t want to be found.

This week, Paddy surprised just about everyone when he rocked up to the pub. He was allowing people to believe that he was fine but, as we saw in tonight’s episode, he was far from OK.

Paddy’s mood around people was somewhat ‘typical Paddy’. He was making jokes, being kind and laughing with Marlon when he attempted to crack an egg in the pub kitchen.

Ultimately though, there was sadness hanging over Paddy like a dark cloud. He was speaking to the likes of Mandy (Lisa Riley), Marlon and Eve with a tone that suggested things were final – he was saying goodbye.

Alone in the vets, Paddy took a shotgun from the locked box and disappeared once more, which just left Bear to find the note in his bedroom that detailed how much he wants the pain he’s feeling to stop.

As a search got underway once more, Bear, Chas and Marlon were outside the pub, aware they were running out of places to look.

And then, fortunately, Chas had an idea – Grace’s tree.

Grace was Chas and Paddy’s baby daughter who only lived for 29 minutes.

It’s a race against time…but will Paddy be there?

Most importantly, will he be alive?

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