Phillip Schofield shouts at This Morning caller’s beau over his disgusting habit

Phillip Schofield was left shouting at a caller's boyfriend during Wednesday's edition of This Morning, trying to cure him of his "bad habit".

Alongside Holly Willoughby, Phil welcomed Vanessa Feltz to the studio to film a call-in segment on relationships, focusing on the strain caused by the lockdown.

The experts helped to counsel viewers on their romance woes, chatting them through everything from long-distance strife and money problems.

However, one caller – whose name was Ashleigh – had the presenters horrified when she rang up to discuss her boyfriend's "bad habit"

Ashleigh, who is expecting a baby, revealed her beau wasn't the best when it came to blowing his nose, and it was driving her up the wall.

Phil claimed the habit was "disgusting," as Holly and Vanessa expressed their horror over the revelation.

Holly wondered: "Does he know how to blow his nose?"

Suddenly, Phil had a lightbulb moment and asked that Ashleigh put him on the phone, hoping to dish out some advice.

He asked: "Is he in the in the house right now?"

Ashleigh quickly replied: "I don't think he'll speak to you Phil. He's embarrassed."

Explaining her boyfriend was watching This Morning in another room, Ashleigh admitted she was "nervous" to put him on the phone in case he got upset over the call.

When Phil learned her boyfriend was watching the show, he decided to shout to get his attention, doling out some words of wisdom.

Yelling at the camera, he advised: "Blow your nose!"

Everyone else in the studio was in stitches – finger's crossed Ashleigh's beau saw the funny side to things.

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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