‘No need to have a sports presenter’ Naga Munchetty teases BBC Breakfast co-star

BBC Breakfast: Naga mocks absence of sports reporters

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BBC Breakfast was hosted by Naga Munchetty and John Kay on Saturday morning. Sport was a big topic on the programme, ahead of the Euros final on Sunday night, where England are set to take on Italy. Gavin Ramjaun was presenting the sports news on the BBC show and Naga couldn’t help but tease him over the amount of stories he had to talk about.

Before introducing Gavin on the show, Naga decided to feign ignorance about the upcoming football tournament final.

“Apparently there’s really no need to have a sports presenter journalist in the studio today,” Naga teased.

“Nothing happening,” John joked, with Naga adding: “There’s nothing going on.”

She continued: “I mean there’s nothing going on in the tennis, nothing happened in the world of cycling, forget what’s going on in the rugby and the lions tour.

“And then there are like 11 people on each side of a bit of grass are going to do something Gavin?” Naga joked.

Sports journalist Gavin replied: “Yeah there’s some big game happening tomorrow apparently.

“Huge game happening tomorrow. England against Italy in the European Championship final, what a match.

“The calm before the storm. I tell you what the players will be feeling calm hopefully right now,” he added.

Naga and John continued to tease Gavin about the big sporting news later on in the show.

“We haven’t really got much to talk about today,” Naga remarked, with John adding: “No. Shall we go home?”

Naga continued: “Well, I just don’t know what there is to say about anything.

“We’re really struggling Gavin to find anything to put in our running orders this morning,” she commented, teasing her co-star.

“I know. It might be something to do with this thing here. The European Championship trophy,” Gavin replied, ushering towards a picture of the trophy.

Naga replied: “Do you know what I will say this because there are a lot of people who don’t even care for football and of course this is just England.

“Just the England team that made it to the final, so Scotland and Wales fought hard to get through obviously. Some people won’t care.

“So you’ve also got tennis, you’ve got a brilliant cricket catch actually and you know we’ve got Mark Cavendish as well, so much going on,” the BBC Breakfast presenter explained.

Gavin agreed, adding: “It’s an incredible amount going on and in a couple of weeks time we’ll have the Olympics as well just to throw that into the mix.

“But, this will all be over then,” he added, in reference to the Euros.

“Gavin this is the best build up you’re ever going to get mate,” John joked, with Gavin replying: “It is isn’t it?”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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