My 600lb Life’s Milla looks totally different after weight loss

My 600-lb Life: Milla fits in car for first time in years

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My 600lb Life star Milla Clarke was originally 751lbs when she first appeared on the TLC reality show back in 2016. Thanks to the help of Dr Nowzaradan, aka Dr Now, she has since lost the weight of “about three or four people”, and has stunned fans with her transformation in her recent posts on Instagram as well as an appearance on the spin-off show, Where Are They Now?

Viewers are still blown away by Milla’s progress after managing to shed a grand total of 596lbs.

Her incredible weight loss makes her the show’s biggest success so far, and she has clearly managed to sustain her healthy lifestyle.

In her latest Instagram updates, Milla celebrated rolling in the new year and received a number of supportive comments from her proud followers.

@ivy_r_0917 replied: “Wow you look fantastic!! I’m watching your episode now.”

“Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you!! Happy New Year beautiful lady!”

@xleelovelyx said: “I am currently watching your journey and am so happy and proud of you!

“Such an inspiration! Wishing you health and blessings this new year.”

“I am so happy I found you,” @nextchapter_51 commented.

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“I just watched your journey on the show and I knew you were going to make it. I’m so grateful you shared your journey with us.”

In another update, Milla tucked into a meal at Cracker Barrel with her new partner, James.

Milla sadly lost her husband, Elroy, just a few months after appearing on My 600lb Life but has managed to find happiness with a new man.

Almost seven years after meeting Dr Now, Milla has clearly kept up her healthier lifestyle and credits the surgeon for her success.

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“You gotta love this man. He is such a blessing to me and all morbidly obese people,” she wrote.

When viewers checked back in with Milla on Where Are They Now? they couldn’t quite believe her stunning transformation.

After qualifying for weight loss surgery, she revealed she had also undergone multiple skin removal surgeries and a double knee replacement.

Within a few years, she had dropped down to 155lbs and has managed to stay slim to this day.

However, keeping the weight off isn’t always easy, and Milla has admitted to indulging in the occasional treat every now and then.

Her favourite combo was lime-flavoured chips and Starbucks’ mango dragon fruit drink, though she usually opts for the healthier option of crackers, olives or tuna.

On her 50th birthday, she wrote: “I know the world says 36′ 24′ 36′, But I don’t mind being 46′ 34′ 48′ at 50 years old.”

My 600lb Life season 11 continues Wednesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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