My 600lb Life fans baffled as Mark refuses Dr Nows help

My 600Lb Life: Mark decides to not go through with surgery

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For the past 11 seasons, most people who share their stories on My 600lb Life are eventually hoping to qualify for life-changing bariatric surgery which will help them reach their goal weight. Although newcomer Mark Rutland was determined to lead a healthier lifestyle, TLC viewers were confused when he refused Dr Younan Nowzaradan’s recommendation to receive the operation.

Fans were baffled when Mark claimed he was determined to lose over half his body weight without Dr Now’s help.

In this week’s episode of My 600lb Life, Mark reveals he has already shed 150lbs by himself and believes he can lose more.

However, Dr Now urges him to apply for surgery when he revealed he weighed 715lbs and finds simple tasks “torture”.

Instead, Mark goes against the advice of the surgeon and his family and tries to reach his goals on his own.

Viewers may be able to check in with Mark later down the line in the spin-off series Where Are They Now? but, for now, many of them were left confused and frustrated by his refusal to seek medical help.

On Twitter, Sonya Roberson wrote: “So you sign up for a show where the endgame is weight loss surgery but you don’t want to have the surgery? Sir you have wasted our time…”

Debbie Boyer said: “He’s like a moody teen- I’m not doing surgery because you all want me to do it.”

Caroline Bradshaw fumed: “Do any of the new subjects on the new season of #my600lblife ever make it to the surgery stage?”

“Why did they even include Mark on the show when he never had any intention of having weight loss surgery? And why does he think that’s ‘taking the easy way out’? Is he dumb?”

Over on Reddit, u/LibraGang1012 asked: “Why go through all that and just be like ‘never mind’?

“He could’ve done that on his own from the jump without surgery. I feel like that’s so much extra work to not even go through with it.”

u/ActualThinkingWoman added: “He kept saying he wanted to do it on his own, but when he was at the same weight for the third time it was time to swallow his pride or whatever and get the surgery.”

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“Taking diet advice from a bro at the gym instead of the doctor is also stupid.

“The only good thing I can say is that he was very polite with Dr Now and the staff.”

And u/Nefarious_pl0t said: “At first I was really happy for Mark because he showed a lot of motivation, but then when he stubbornly refused to get the surgery I started to get infuriated.

“So infuriating. I hope they do a follow up on Mark and he makes the right choice and follows through with surgery, but I’m very sceptical!” (sic)

Speaking to Distractify about his decision, Mark shared: “My mindset going into this was to put your head down and go to work, let your actions speak for themselves.

“In doing so, I found purpose again, a mission that was so insurmountable that it — for me to accomplish it — would take everything I have, plus [I] would have to get stronger and develop traits I don’t have.”

He now claims his attitude towards food is “astronomically different” than it was before, and suggested he may eventually reconsider going through with Dr Now’s weight loss regime.

My 600lb Life season 11 continues Wednesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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