‘Men In Trees’ Creator Talks Reboot: “There Have Been Some Discussions” – ATX

The cast and creators of ABC’s short-lived drama/comedy series, Men In Trees, reunited as part of ATX Television Festival’s canceled-too-soon presentation and as expected, the topic of a revival popped in.

“We’re ready,” declared series creator Jenny Bicks, who was joined by producers/ writers Anna Fricke and Chris Dingess as well as cast members Suleka Mathew, Cynthia Stevenson, Lauren Tom, and Seana Kofoed.

“We’re willing and open. There have been some discussions about bringing it back and we’re really excited to investigate that,” Bicks later revealed.

Men In Trees premiered in 2016 and revolved around relationship coach and best-selling author Marin Frist (Anne Heche) who goes to a small town of Elmo, Alaska, for a conference about real love and the best ways to get married. After her own relationship falls apart, she finds herself stuck in a town full of the one thing she doesn’t really need – available men.

“TV was very different when we premiered,” said Bicks. “We were not an ABC [production]. We were Warner Brothers for ABC. What that meant was we were kind of like the ugly stepchild,” she added. “I was told we were premiering Friday nights after Ugly Betty” and “then 2 weeks beforehand we get a call saying Ugly Betty’s moved to Thursday nights, you’re premiering after reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. That was our lead-in. You can imagine what that was like, Yet, we had great numbers that now would win any night. We were always fighting for our lives.”

Time seemed to play the biggest part in the show’s cancellation. “We had the [2007-08] writer’s strike and that kind of killed us… we died this slow death where no on commemorated us.”

Despite the fact, producers are still hopeful.  “I don’t think we’re done,” said Bicks. “We have many more stories to tell.”

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