Married At First Sight fans think bosses had words with Megan over cheating

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Married At First Sight UK fans were left fuming on Monday evening at Megan Wolfe's supposed 'redemption arc'.

Some fans even theorised that the producers had "had words" with Megan after it emerged at the commitment ceremony that she had cheated on new hubby Bob Voysey with Jordon Mundell.

On Monday evening, Megan sat down with fellow bride Tayah Victoria as she discussed how the cheating plot had ironically made her relationship with Bob "stronger", as they get on better as friends.

Megan theorised that the friendship could blossom into something more, as she and Bob headed down to Brighton Pier to spend the day together.

"We're much closer to romance than we ever have been, because I have to have that solid friendship first," Megan explained to the cameras.

Fans, however, weren't convinced by her words, as they insisted that show bosses had likely had words with her.

One quickly tweeted: "I'm not buying this new 'improved' Megan! I think she's had a few strong words in her ear from the producers! #MAFSUK."

Someone else fumed: "Megan's fakeness with Bob is nauseating. She has zero interest in him. Stop trying to push the narrative as we're not stupid!"

As a third fan followed up: "I'm not liking this Megan redemption arc… it's not sitting right at all!"

Others pointed out that Megan hadn't needed to form a "solid friendship" with Jordon before snogging him at the dinner party.

One tweeted: "Megan: 'I have to have that solid friendship first'. Hmm. Must've know Jordon before the show…."

As another echoed: "Megan does talk nonsense! She has to have 'that solid friendship' first – is that what she had with love rat Jordon for all of 30 seconds?!"

While a third fan said: "Megan didn't have that need for solid friendship first when she was cheating with Jordon!"

Megan looked like she was having fun with her new husband on the pier, as she encouraged him to bump into her on the dodgems – and Bob kindly won her a huge teddy bear she named after him.

Megan has made it clear on social media that the show was "heavily edited", and encouraged her fans to be kind when discussing the show.

Taking to Instagram, Megan said: "To everyone, remember our brides and grooms are real people with friends and family who are all reading your comments.

"We know this show can sometimes spark debate, but let's all remember to #BeKind."

She wrote: "A mistake does not define who you are, if you know it is a mistake you are recognising it is not in your character to act that way. Learn and do better."

Elsewhere in the episode, Ant told the experts he wanted to re-enter the process – with Alexis, rather than Nikita.

The two had been spotted flirting with each other at the dinner party, and found they "vibed" with each other.

Daily Star has contacted E4 for comment.

Married At First Sight UK continues tomorrow at 9pm on E4.

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