Married at First Sight fans baffled as Daniel tells Matt moving is dealbreaker

Married at First Sight UK fan favourites Daniel and Matt appeared to be going from strength to strength after tying the knot during Monday’s launch episode – until a dealbreaker was thrown into the works.

The new romance may prove to be short-lived as it has already hit the rocks with Daniel making a major confession about his future.

He said that he was insistent that his future soulmate would have to move to his home of Ireland, as he was not prepared to move.

He was so adamant that he called the condition a “dealbreaker” to Matt, without considering his partner’s feelings about moving away.

Matt was left speechless by the admission, as his husband revealed that as his previous romance had broken down due to distance, he wanted his next partner to live in Ireland with him.

Daniel had said the honeymoon had taught him that he needed to live by the sea, but he was nervous about telling "city boy" Matt.

He told him: "I love living in the North Coast of Northern Ireland, because I have this on my doorstep.

"I've done the London thing, and I always felt this callback to the sea, back home, back to Northern Ireland. I think for me that's something that I would look for in someone.

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"Someone who's perhaps willing to maybe move to Northern Ireland. I know it is a big ask of someone to move away from one extreme to the next, but we do need to be true to ourselves and that's why I am being so open, and saying where I stand and what I want.

"If I am being honest and true to myself, it is a bit of a dealbreaker."

Matt responded: "Hearing Dan saying that living in Ireland is a dealbreaker for him is surprising.

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"So far things with Dan have been amazing and I do feel like he is definitely somebody I could fall in love with, but I am not just gonna up sticks and move my life and move to Ireland."

Many viewers on Twitter took Matt’s side, saying it was unfair of Daniel to force Matt to move.

One fan commented: "Going so well, but Dan wanting Matt to move to Ireland is the drama.”

Another wrote: "I mean he definitely didn’t need to say this Ireland thing so early quite yet…."

“Dan, why did you go on the show when there was high chance you would meet someone that’s not from Ireland?,” questioned someone else.

"Why would you go on #MAFSUK & expect your new partner to move to Ireland??????,” tweeted a fourth.

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