Mark Wahlberg shows off muscles as he goes shirtless for 2:30 am workout

GYM-obsessed Mark Wahlberg has revealed his crazy daily schedule which includes a 2.30am to work out.

The 49-year-old actor is known for his impressive physique and treated fans to a shirtless video which showed off his muscles.

In the clip, Mark poses next to a Power Plate Pro 7 and runs through his exercise routine.

He wrote next to the video: "2:30 am club for 2021."

The movie star's Instagram followers, including TV host Mario Lopez, were quick to comment on his dedicated regime.

“Whoa. My guy… When we taking a nap?!” the Save By The Bell alum responded.

“2:30am?? Bro get some sleep,” one follower replied.

“2.30 am what time are you back in bed by,” another asked.

But it is not unusual for Mark to be up at this time to work out.

He has previously revealed his gruelling schedule which sees him get up at 2.30am and go to bed at 7.30pm.

Mark then works out from 3.40-5.15am – when most people still aren't even up.

At 6am he showers then it's time for a half-hour round of golf at 7.30am

After an 8am snack he goes into a cryo chamber to let his body recover before having another snack at 10.30am.

Then Mark takes a two-hour break from exercising to spend time with family or deal with work stuff before having lunch at 1pm.

More meetings and business calls take place until 3pm when the doting father-of-four does the school run.

At 3.30pm it's time for another snack – after all, the intense work out regime requires fuel – and then he exercises again from 4pm for an hour.

Mark takes another shower so he's not sweaty in time for his 5.30pm family dinner and then, having risen so early, the movie star is tucked up in bed by 7.30pm.

The actor – who started out as rapper Marky Mark in the Funky Bunch – gave a big shout out to his trainers, Brian Nguyen and Bo Cleary, and his chef, Lawrence Duran, who he called “the 4am club".

Mark previously spoke about the benefits of cryotherapy to Ellen DeGeneres, saying: "It is great for recovery, and it just takes all the inflammation out of your body [and] it helps you sleep.”

To be honest, after a jam-packed day like that, it certainly sounds like he needs it.

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