Manchester lockdown: Burnham warns entire UK to face Tier 3 in winter rage against Boris

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Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham continued to defend his arguments against moving his area into a Tier 3 coronavirus lockdown. While speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Burnham predicted all areas will go into a Tier 3 lockdown. He insisted he was resisting the Government for all areas across the country, not just Manchester because he believes more support is needed for those imposing more coronavirus restrictions.

He again asked the Government to outline a financial framework to help people and businesses know what support they would receive under Tier 3 lockdowns.

He said: “It is not just about Greater Manchester and getting what we can for ourselves.

“This is everybody’s fight ultimately because I would predict all areas would end up in Tier 3 at some point in the winter.

“What we need is a fair financial framework for Tier 3.

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“This is so any area going into that knows exactly where they stand and knows what support they will get and businesses know what they can budget on to try and survive.”

The Manchester Mayor also reiterated why he is reluctant to impose more restrictions on the people of Manchester.

Despite comparisons, Mr Burnham insisted that Manchester’s situation was different from other areas that have had to go into Tier 3.

Mr Burnham said: “I really need to remind people that Greater Manchester has been in three months of restrictions already.

“That makes us different from the Liverpool city region and Lancashire. Lancashire has had part of their area in those restrictions while the whole of Greater Manchester has been in restrictions since late July.

“Of course, that has ground people down and it has pushed our businesses closer to the brink.

“That is why we are saying we need a fair package of support to help people through this.”

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Despite Mr Burnham’s defiance, the Labour Party mayor has been given a 12pm deadline to agree to the Greater Manchester area going into Tier 3 to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Boris Johnson has previously pleaded with the mayor to agree to the options being propositioned by the Government during press briefings on coronavirus. 

The Prime Minister said the longer nothing is done the more likely people are to die. 

However, he also noted that if this continues for too long, the Government will override local leaders and implement the restrictions anyway. 

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