‘Make a complaint’ BBC Breakfast host scolds co-star for ‘bullying’ reporter

Luxmy Gopal pops at Ben Thompson for bullying weatherman

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BBC Breakfast saw presenters Luxmy Gopal and Ben Thompson listening to Ben Rich giving the latest on the weather forecast on Sunday morning. But as Rich had finished one of his reports, Luxmy outed her co-presenter Thompson for moaning there was going only to be one day of sun and cheekily implored the weather expert to “make a complaint”.

Introducing the weather segment, Thompson said: “Now it is 12 minutes past seven, and we are promised that things are looking a little brighter.

“If you think that summer is over, it is not Ben, that’s the case, isn’t it? Good morning.”

“You’re just stealing my lines Ben aren’t you really, yes?” Rich replied as Thompson interjected: “I’m sorry.”

Rich gave his weather report and explained: “The southernly wind is going to bathe us in some warm air.

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“You really will feel the effect of that through Tuesday and Wednesday, some warmer weather than we saw at any point in August.”

As he finished his report, Luxmy said: “Ben, thank you, and do you know what?

“So earlier, Ben – my Ben – here was bullying you about the fact that it was only one or two days of summer.

“And then, just before this forecast, he was stealing your weather lines, if you want to make a formal complaint, I’m happy to be your witness.

“One Ben against the other, I know which Ben I’m siding with,” Luxmy joked.

Thompson then asked: “Ben, can I just ask, so that you can actually contribute rather than me stealing your lines, and all of this is because of what the high pressure is sticking around because the wind direction has changed?”

“Absolutely yeah,” Rich then explained as he confirmed the heat had now suddenly made an appearance and explained it was to do with wind pressure.

Thompson then remarked: “Proves that I do pay attention Ben, thank you I’ll see you soon.”

Rich quickly replied: “I’ll see you soon for some more fun and bullying,” which Thompson laughed at and said: “Never!”

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Luxmy also overheard their comments and added pointing to Thompson: “Yeah, no bullying you!”

Earlier in the show, Rich did his first report on the weather, to which Thompson commented: “Ben, I don’t want to sound ungrateful but is it only two days?”

To which Rich replied: “Urgh, it depends how your counting Ben, I mean, you do the business, you’re good at counting.”

Thompson continued: “I’m just looking there on Wednesday, and Thursday starts looking a bit ropy in some places.”

Luxmy interrupted Thompson and remarked: “Oh, come on, take we haven’t had a summer, let’s go with summer is on Tuesday and that’s it.”

Rich got in on the laughs and joked: “I try to do my best for you, I can’t do any more than that,” with Thompson adding: “In the next hour go away and come back with another day if you would.”

Hearing Thompson’s request, Luxmy added: “You don’t ask for much, do you?”

BBC Breakfast airs every day at 6am on BBC One. 
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