Love Island’s first awkward moment as stars confess cheating pasts

Love Island 2019 opens tonight with a stonking episode that is sure to have lasting repercussions.

In their first night in the Love Island villa, the 12 new Islanders must couple up with each other and settle into their new partnerships.

But an awkward drinking game could shatter the fragile new relationships forming between them, as they delve into each others' intimate pasts.

After host Caroline Flack instructs the five original girls to pick their favourite of the seven boys, the Islanders are relaxing with a drink.

They start playing Never Have I Ever, the drinking game where revellers have to take a sip every time they've done something proposed by the player.

Joe Garratt gets stuck in as he raises his glass and says: "Never have I ever cheated whilst in a relationship."

A number of the Islanders guiltily raise their own drinks and sip from them, including Sherif Lanre .

Some of the girls ask him: "How many girlfriends did you cheat on?"

He admits it was two, and when the Islanders quiz him further on how many relationships he's been in, Sherif answers: "Four."


The drinking game comes after Sherif tells sexy pharmacist Anna Vakili that he already knows her from back home.

Taking her aside for a private chat by the pool, Sherif confesses that he has been following her on Instagram for a while.

Shocked Anna can't believe what he's telling her, and he adds that he wasn't going to tell her in front of everyone else at the coupling ceremony.

Anna later tells the Beach Hut camera: "He just brought it out so casually. Like, 'Yeah I follow you on Instagram'. I was flattered but I didn't expect it coming in here, that someone would follow me on Instagram.

"When I do go out, I do tend to get that a lot."

*Love Island 2019 kicks off tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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