Love Islands Faye swears at Chloe as pair clash in shouting match on show

Faye Winter swore at Chloe Burrows after a heated row between the pair broke out on Thursday night's episode of Love Island.

The blonde beauties clashed following Chloe's decision to kiss Kaz Kamwi's partner Toby Aromolaran in the Line of Booty challenge – which involved Islanders putting on a sexy dance in police costume and kissing an Islander of their choice.

In a shock twist for the Islanders, 25-year-old Chloe had decided to snog Toby during the game, after confessing she fancied him earlier in the episode.

Chloe had overheard Faye discussing the bombshell kiss with Rachel Finni who had walked away from Chloe and the two new girls – Millie Court and Lucinda Strafford – after they had encouraged Chloe to pull Toby for a chat.

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Marketing executive Chloe stood up and declared: "I can't be a*sed with this drama. Oh dear." before things got really heated in front of the other Islanders.

She then faced an instant lashing from Faye who shouted back: "Don't, 'oh f***ing dear'. Just shut up and stop f***ing looking over here".

However, Chloe refused to back down and cried: "Why are you telling me to shut up?!"

A furious Faye yelled out: "Stop being nosy and stay over there and have your wine!"

After the screaming stopped, Chloe proceeded to turn around to Millie and Lucinda and say: "F*** me", confessing she was "fuming" with the argument.

However, some fans believe Faye has been annoyed at Chloe since the start of the show, with one fan on Twitter writing: "Faye's been dying to have a go at Chloe since the day she came in".

When Chloe swanned into the villa as a bombshell, she decided to pursue Brad McClelland despite him being coupled up with Faye who had chosen him right from the start.

Brad then admitted he wasn't keen on Faye – even picking her as his least attractive Islander in the brutal beer pong challenge.

Chloe lost interest in Brad after she felt he spoke too much and didn't ask her enough questions about herself.

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Chloe's night of feuds didn't stop with the Faye argument as she pulled Kaz for a chat and faced some stern words from the fashion blogger, telling her she felt the kiss was "snaky and sneaky" and that she could have kissed Toby anywhere else during the challenge.

Back in the Beach Hut, Chloe revealed: "Yeah what I've done is not great. But it's not the end of the world.

"I felt bad, but you have to remember what we're here for."

But luckily for Chloe, it appears Toby's head was turned by her and the Hashtag United footballer told Kaz he wanted to try things with Chloe.

He said: "The only person I ever spoke to in here was you I didn't try to get to know anyone else, so it's for me to see how that is.

"I want to get to know here and what she's about.

"For me she intrigues me. I don't know where to go, because I enjoy me and you.

"But the progression is so slow but I think that's really on my part, and I can't think of why."

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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