Love Island villa rocked as Casey is left fuming with Ron’s relationship advice to Rosie

Tonight's Love Island looks set to be drama-filled once again, with Casey left fuming with Ron.

After Friday's challenge, Rosie appears to be questioning if her relationship with Casey is as one-sided as suggested – and looks to Ron and Lana for some answers.

Without hesitating, Ron offers some advice and tells her to take some "space."

“If you want to prepare yourself for the outside world, [he needs] to get to know you a lot quicker," he tells her.

"The only way you’re going to do that is by spending more 1-1 time with you… I think he loves being one of the ‘Three Musketeers’ [with Tom and Will] a lot… I would say just keep a little bit of space, see where he goes.”

However, later Rosie tells Casey and tells him that Ron has told her he prioritises the boys over her.

"He said that I should take a step back.”

This leaves Casey fuming and keen to know exactly what advice Ron gave Rosie so he asks to talk.

Ron quickly backtracks and says: “I never said you prioritise your time, I said you like being around Will and Tom.”

Prompting Casey to ask: “So why has Rosie said that then?”

Unable to get to the bottom of what was said, Casey says: “Girls can you come here, I think we need to clear this up…”

Meanwhile, Ron questions Shaq after he queried whether he only made Lana his girlfriend because everyone likes her.

“I just wanted to see your thoughts on it or whether you thought there was anything to it or if it was just an opinion on the challenge?” he asks.

To which Shaq replies: “For me bro, it’s a challenge and I said before I even made the comment that I would see how it looks from every single side.”

Ron quickly adds: “I’m not calling you out on it, obviously it’s sore for me and Lana, and I’d hate it to plant a seed in Lana’s head.”

Love Island returns on ITV2 tonight at 9pm

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