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LOVE Island's Jessie Wynter and Olivia Hawkins are involved in furious clash during tonight's episode.

During Tuesday's instalment of the ITV2 show, Will Young, 23, found out that some of the Islanders have branded his girl Jessie "fake".

Casey O'Gorman, 26, wasn't very impressed when Jessie, 26, took him aside to pull him up on asking his pals Will, 24, and Tom Clare, 23, to apologise for picking Claudia Fogarty, 28, in the Snog, Marry, Pie game.

He later dubbed her a "game player" during a conversation with Maxwell Samuda, 23, and Olivia Hawkins, 27, also voiced her opinion about Jessie during a separate chat with Lana Jenkins, 25.

This conversation later came to light and a row broke out between some of the Islanders, which left Will fuming with what was said.

Tonight the girls all get together to discuss the blazing argument.

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Jessie says: “I’ve just come back from a chat with Casey and everyone in the Villa says that everyone is talking about something and I’m very confused.

"I’ve stood by all of you, even on Movie Night, I stood up for all of you girls.”

Claudia adds: “The word fake was used.”

Olivia isn't happy with that choice of word and says: “I never said fake, please don’t say I’ve said fake because I didn’t.

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"I just don’t think this is a conversation we need to have between all of us.”

Jessie asks if they can have a separate chat, to which Olivia says: "Not really, not right now."

Jessie fumes: “So you’re happy to walk over to the day beds and speak to a whole group of people about how you think I’m questionable but not have a discussion with me.”

There has been plenty of drama in the villa over the last few days.

After bombshell Rosie Seabrook's arrival, Claudia was left down in the dumps as she showed an interest in her man Casey.

The hunk had to pick between the pair, but wanted to get to know Rosie before making a decision on who he wanted to be with.

Claudia had an inkling that Casey was going to pick Rosie, but he kept telling her that he just wanted to give her a fair chance and didn't call anything off with the northern lass.

During the Snog, Marry, Pie game, Casey's best mates Will and Tom confessed that they wanted to marry Claudia – and Tom brutally pied Rosie.

Casey was left devastated that his two closest pals didn't have his back.

He later pulled them for a chat and the lads managed to clear the air, but later Jessie wanted to tell Casey how they she thought that they didn't have to apologise to him.

Casey kept his cool, but later told Maxwell about what happened and shared that the Aussie beauty could be playing a game, and Maxwell agreed.

He told Casey that Jessie was faking her emotions when Will walked back into the villa on his own after Casa Amor.

Elsewhere in the villa, Olivia Hawkins and Lana Jenkins also voiced their opinion on how they have questioned some of Jessie's actions.

Last night Jessie then pulled Casey aside to apologise, but while this was happening, a row broke out between the other Islanders as they branded Jessie "fake".

Olivia brutally claimed that Jessie's feelings for Will are not true and Maxwell's words about the Aussie star were also repeated.

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Tonight Will pulls Maxwell aside to ask why he thinks that his girl is "fake".

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