Love Island fans claim Anna Vakili's glam sister looks like she's 'been stung by a wasp' as they slam her lip fillers

LOVE Island fans claim Anna Vakili's glam sister looks like she's "been stung by a wasp too" as they slammed her lip fillers.

The islander's sibling was spotted in the audience of ITV2's Aftersun last night and there was no mistaking she's related to the sexy pharmacist.

Anna's look-a-like sister Mandi had viewers of the spin-off show in a tizz on Twitter as some blasted her fake lips while others begged producers to get her on the show.

One person said: "Anna’s sister got stung by a wasp too!"

One more insisted: "Wow they are the same people"

And another said: "Gutted they couldn't get them both of the show… but telling them apart would have been impossible!"

Meanwhile, Mandi had a warning for fans and told them despite Anna and Sherif's chemistry, she doesn't believe the couple will go the distance.

She said: "If he really put the effort in then maybe, but at the moment he's just drooling over her."

It comes as Anna thought Sherif wasn't making enough effort to get to know her and it seemed the pair had hit a wall with their chemistry almost fizzling out.

But now they're back on form and viewers saw them enjoy a romantic breakfast date last night.

Thee show saw Anna, who lives in a posh London flat, being wooed by Sherif as he opened up to her about what attracts him to her.

He tells her: "You're smart, you're intelligent and you haven't really had your turned by any of these boys. That to me is attractive.

I love that! Honestly, you have melted me a little bit."

Later in the Beach Hut, he says: "Outside on the terrace it was just a peck but that in itself means that she is opening up to me. It was nice."

The couple then give viewers an eyeful and turn up the heat when they hit the dance floor and Anna twerks on her man at the villa party.

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