Lorraine Kelly accuses Esther McVey of ‘lying’ about dressing room amid ‘feud’

Lorraine Kelly appeared to deny Esther McVey’s claims about the reason behind their rumoured feud on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, after the MP suggested Eamonn Holmes was involved.

On Monday the TV host appeared to snub Esther as she appeared on GMB, pulling a face during a live link about her former co-star.

Susanna asked Lorraine if she remembered Esther from their days on GMTV together and things got a little awkward, with Lorraine suggesting she did not remember her.

Esther was later asked about the frosty reception during the press conference for her leadership launch, broadcast on ITV News.

She said: "Well we used to share a dressing room, and she used to be the programme afterwards, and obviously she used to be partnered with Eamonn Holmes, then I was promoted to be partnering with Eamonn Holmes.

"But, she's great and it was a great show, and I can't believe it, I think it was 20 years ago I did that show, but never mind, it was really good at the time, it was really good fun."

Now, Lorraine has suggested this was not the case at all, after being grilled by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about her former GMTV co-star yet again, live on air. Lorraine also appeared to suggest her 'snub' was more about her not agreeing with Esther's political views.

She revealed that Esther’s claims were not backed up, given she started GMTV five years after Lorraine’s ITV career, and own show, kicked off.

The star also denied sharing a changing room with the star, in the sense that there wasn’t set rooms for set people.

Piers demanded the truth from his pal, wanting to know if Eamonn was really behind whatever happened between them.

She responded: “Well who wouldn’t want to fight over Eamonn?" before repeating she didn't really remember Esther as it was "so long ago".

Lorraine went on: "I’m baffled love, there is no battle. I’m baffled by that though cos I've had my own show since 1992 and I don’t think she joined until about five years later, and as far as sharing a dressing room goes, it wasn't really like that, it's not like it is now."

She added: "Back then it was just a little room everyone shared and got ready in, it wasn't like a dressing room, it was just a room."

Things got a little more heated when Lorraine, who is known for her friendly, caring nature, revealed the real reason for her snub. She fumed: “I’m sick to the back teeth of the whole toxic political atmosphere.

“I strongly disagree with [McVey] on LGBT rights and I just thought to myself, ‘I’ve had enough of this.’

“We’ve had two and a half years of going round in circles and not sorting Brexit out and now we’ve got a state in Britain where people are at each other’s throats and it’s got to stop.”

Lorraine then revealed who she would personally like to see run in the Tory leadership race – someone a little closer to home.

She said: “I’m really disappointed actually that Ruth Davidson’s not standing because she’s one of the few human beings who’s actually in politics right now.”

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