Kristin Cavallari admits the thought of getting remarried 'right now' makes her 'cringe' after divorcing Jay Cutler

KRISTIN Cavallari admitted the thought of getting remarried 'right now' makes her 'cringe' after divorcing Jay Cutler.  

While on Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad's Scrubbing In podcast, Kristin, 34, did not hold back when asked if she ever planned on getting remarried.

Kirstin said: "I definitely believe in marriage, and I think that I will, eventually."

"But the thought of getting married right now, it's like, 'Oh, my God,' it makes me cringe."

"But yes, I still very much believe in it and I do think that I'll meet someone eventually."

Back in March, the TV star broke up with comedian Jeff Dye, 38, after dating for about five months. 

Last year, Kristin called it quits with Jay, 38, back in April 21st.

A Sun report revealed that Jay cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason behind their split, which made “further cohabitation improper and impossible.”

The former sports star claimed he was the "home parent and primary caretaker” of their children but Kristen denied this.

The Sun exclusively reported that the court agreed to seal their divorce to prevent “harm” and “serious embarrassment.”

Kristin and Jay share three kids: Camden, eight, and Jaxon, seven, and Saylor, five.

At the beginning of May, Jay wished The Hills star a "Happy Mother’s Day." 

The sports star shared a sweet snapshot of his three children surrounding their mother, who wore a white dress.

Jay wrote: “Some kids have all the luck."

Back in January, Jay was spotted with a hot blond in a bikini at South Beach, Florida. 

The pictures came days after Madison LeCroy, 30, exposed her relationship with Jay as a "fling."

The Southern Charm star shared screenshots of old text messages with the NFL star.

In the heated exchange, Jay wrote: "Didn't seem like that was the case. Maybe it was accidental.

"I don't know. No one wants this mess.

"I appreciate you saying that. I think we can all respect each other and move forward. At the very least."

Madison wrote back: "I am disgusted by this whole situation. You reached out to me…"

"Your intentions may have not been pure but that may be you projecting. I've never said anything about Kristin nor would I.

"But you initiated and pursued. If you weren't interesting in something real you shouldn't have…"

Madison shared a snapshot with her ex and wrote: "Too bad it didn't work out."

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