Kailyn Lowry felt 'terrified' she and her kids got RABIES from bats that invaded her Delaware mansion

KAILYN Lowry confessed that she was "terrified" that she and her children contracted RABIES from the bats that infested her Delaware home.

The Teen Mom 2 star "panicked" in December when she discovered bats were inside of her mansion.

Kailyn, 29, recalled the "traumatizing" experience from this past winter during this week's episode of her Coffee Convos podcast with Lindsie Chrisley.

After Lindsie asked the reality star for a "house update" on her current dream home build, she pressed her to explain her final "run in" with "the bats."

The TV personality then explained how she called her "bat-person Kevin" and asked him to come by when yet another bat was found in their home.

Kailyn told the exterminator that her "kids were traumatized", they were "screaming" and the bat was "flying around."

The mother of four then had the animal "tested" for rabies by the "public health department."

The Pennsylvania native then recalled how the department said if the bat did test positive for rabies, that they "advised that me and the kids go get a rabies shot.

"I was just like terrified. But last week they called me and said that the bat did not have rabies. It tested negative."

In December, Kailyn shared her "traumatizing" experience of a bat flying into her home on the podcast, as she and her children "panicked" over the situation.

"I did not realize how small bats are until they open their wings," she explained, later joking that the creature's wingspan was "12 feet long."

The young mom then added that the encounter upset her son Lux, three, saying: "The way that I reacted when I panicked and realized what it was, he was only reacting based on my reaction."

Kailyn then screamed for her four sons to run to the guest room, as Lindsie added that Lux "literally thought someone was bombing the house at this point."

The MTV star then reached out to friends for assistance, as she said the creature was "hanging upside down" in her "foyer window."

The Teen Mom frontrunner told her listeners that by using Tupperware she was finally able to capture and set it free.

Kailyn recently faced backlash in regards to her podcasts as her co-star Briana DeJesus slammed the star for not inviting her on the show because she's "racist."

Briana, who is of Puerto Rican descent, said she's never been asked on because she's "non-Caucasian".

The Florida native told Celeb Buzz: "While I really hope this isn't the case, it's not lost on me that she was willing to talk to Jenelle – who is white – yet won't move on with me when, up until recently, I was the only non-Caucasian cast member."

"There have been rumblings and reports regarding past racist tweets Kailyn interacted with, and again, while I'm hoping the color of my skin isn't a factor here it's certainly not lost on me that this point exists."

Earlier this year, Reddit users uncovered past controversial tweets that Kailyn had liked on Twitter.

"I just want white girls to date me for a month out of guilt for Black History Month #slavereparations," one read from 2016.

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