Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth slammed as 'idiots' for leaving a RIFLE near their son Gideon, 3

COUNTING ON followers slammed Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth as 'idiots' on social media.

The parents were called out for leaving a RIFLE out near their three-year-old son Gideon.

The DuggarsSnark Reddit account a shared pic of Austin and Gideon, and behind them, fans spotted a large rifle laid across a kitchen table.

Joy-Anna and Austin also welcomes daughter Evelyn over the summer.

Followers commented: "This is horrifying. It looks like they just set it down on the table after their hunting trip last week and just never bothered to put it away. Their kid(s) could get seriously hurt. Gideon could easily reach up and grab it or climb up on the chair and start playing with it. Their child shouldn’t even be in same room as a gun unless it’s in a safe. They’re idiots."

Another wrote: "Both of their kids are to young to understand gun safety. They need [to] lock that away."

A third said: "I shouldn't be surprised, and yet, I am. She has shown Gideon getting into stuff before, so this is really, really concerning. I hope it's not loaded, but they are such pompous ding dongs I can't be sure it's not. Ugh."

Other followers bashed the parents: "Why the HELL would you leave it on the table where children can get to it? Have they never heard of gun safety?"

Another redditor scoffed: "They are literally the dumbest people alive."

Others relayed: "Not shocked at the gun; they are avid hunters. Also not shocked at the lack of gun safety, because he is an idiot."

Last month, Joy-Anna and Austin were also called out for allowing Gideon to go zip lining without a helmet or proper safety procedures.

The two were also recently criticized for not wearing masks in a hotel lobby.

However, these parents likely have more to worry about, as The Sun exclusively revealed yesterday Austin is going to trial in May for his real estate fraud case.

Austin, who flips homes for a living, was sued in October 2019 for fraud and negligence after he was accused of not getting the proper permits for the septic system of a home he renovated and sold. 

In court papers obtained by The Sun, a jury trial, which is expected to only last a day, has been set for May 25, 2021.

Duggar Family Tree

How many children and grandchildren do Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have?

  • Jim Bob and Michelle are parents to 19 children
  • The couple have nine girls and 10 boys and all of their children have names which begin with the letter J
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Over the weekend, Joy-AnnA bashed Jill, by liking a post very critical of her former Counting On costar.

The post accused her "rebel sister" of selling out "airing the family's dirty laundry" for "money."

It read: “I realize Jill Duggar needs to distance herself from the family for mental health reasons, but I don’t understand why they need to make their issues with the family public…"

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