Joanne and James Married At First Sight Australia: Are they still together?

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Joanne and James from Married At First Sight Australia were the seventh couple to tie the knot on the quirky dating series. The 2021 season has already aired Down Under and now fans in the UK are keen to get in on the drama on E4. has all you need to know about whether Joanne and James are still together.

Are Joanne and James from MAFS Australia still together?

Joanne Todd, a barber from Melbourne, was 39 when she was paired with 44-year-old car company owner, James Susler.

The pair met each other for the first time on their wedding day and they were whisked off to Shoalhaven in New South Wales for their honeymoon.

Sadly they broke up before the end of the experiment and remain separated to this day.

The pair had one of the most turbulent relationships of the season, as it was full of ups and downs.

Things did not get off to a good start as Joanne admitted they were poles apart from each other.

Ahead of one of the commitment ceremonies, James admitted the pair had not been talking.

They both agreed there was no hope in staying in the experiment if they did not have feelings for each other.

However, since leaving the series, it seems they have formed a friendship and they still talk to one another.

James told 9Entertainment: “We are on good terms, we caught up last week and had a meal, we’re going to go for a walk around the park.

“I like Joanne, I think she’s a great person.”

Luckily it seems both Joanne and James have found love elsewhere since leaving the experiment.

Joanne is now dating Joe Donaghy and James has a new relationship with actress Verity East.

Joanne said she had taken plenty of positives away from the time she spent with her husband on the show.

She said: “I wish that I had warmed up faster than I did and gave it a bit more of a chance. I’m a bit bad about that.”

James is on Instagram and he is a proud entrepreneur and businessman.

He has been sharing photos of himself with his girlfriend, enjoying days out together.

In one post, he said: “In life- sometimes the road may seem long, but there’s always a beautiful bright sunshine standing at the end waiting for you.”

He has an Instagram story dedicated to his time on the show and said he had caught up with some of the cast after the reunion.

It seems both he and Joanne are happy in new relationships and they have very few regrets about their time on the show.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the couple and they had mixed opinions.

Villemo said: “I love Joanne and James! So cute together #MAFS.” Whereas Jim said: “Joanne and James are going to struggle.”

Fans hit back at Joanne when she wrote ‘for now’ on her piece of paper at the commitment ceremony, when she revealed she would stay.

James was hurt by her comment and viewers believed she had been inconsiderate of his feelings.

However, they were equally as frustrated at James whilst watching the arguments play out.

Fans in the UK can watch their journey unfold across the remaining season eight episodes.

Married At First Sight Australia airs weekdays on E4.

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