Jeremy Clarkson names rams mating with his sheep after Wayne Rooney and Leonardo DiCaprio

JEREMY Clarkson has named two rams mating with his 75 sheep after Wayne Rooney and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Grand Tour host, 61, joked Wayne will “go after the slightly older ones” and Leonardo is “taking the younger ones”.

And he said of the stud rams in his new show Clarkson’s Farm: “Wayne is a bigger sh*gger than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Good old Wayne. “You randy little b*tards, you. They’ve got proud looks on them.”

The Amazon Prime Video series, released on June 11, follows his struggle becoming a farmer in 2019.

The Sun columnist says: “We’re about to bring old Leonardo and Wayne, as I’ve called them.

"Wayne’s going to go after the slightly older ones, Leonardo’s taking the younger ones.”

And as he releases them to his flock on his Cotswolds farm, he notices how the ewes are drawn to the two rams.

Jeremy says: “We’ve got two boys who have never had sex before and 75 cougars on the other side of that wall. The cougars are desperate. They’re chasing the men.”

Real-life Wayne and Leo have had notorious love lives.

The film star, 46, in particular is known for dating younger women.

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