Jeopardy! fans shocked at champ Ryan Long's quick road to riches as the Uber driver wins $150K in 7-day winning streak

JEOPARDY! fans rejoiced tonight as ride share driver Ryan Long stormed to another victory.

The 39-year-old from Philadelphia achieved a seven day streak today, racking up a total of $145k in winnings so far.

Tonight on Jeopardy!, 46-year-old host Mayim Bialik presided over another victory for Ryan, which saw the Uber driver beat off competition from content strategist Jodi Harris and and writing center coordinator Mari Chao.

Despite failing to answer Final Jeopardy! correctly, he still walked away with a daily total of $13,400.

That puts his seven-day total at a mighty $145,201.

It might help that he had his glasses with him today, after previously revealing that he accidentally left his specs 3,000 miles away from the Los Angeles studios.


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The show's loyal fanbase has fallen in love with Ryan's laid-back style and dry-humor, and tonight viewers took to Twitter to cheer him on.

One wrote that they are "obsessed with Ryan Long now".

Another shared: "Cheering for Ryan on Jeopardy! 6-day returning champion and is a ride-share driver. Love it."

A third rejoiced: "Guy from Philly carrying on Jeopardy! went from driving Lyft to making 100k in 6 days".

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As he continues on his unlikely rise to Jeopardy! fame, Ryan has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts with his newly found fanbase.

The humble contestant has revealed that he's finding the experience to be surreal but rewarding.

Last week, he shared: "I don’t know what to say. I honestly don’t. This has been a damn day. I gave my first two interviews ever in life. I got recognized in public for the first time. And the rest, well…"

He also revealed that he only owned two dress shirts and that the "magicians" in the show's wardrobe department had "mixed and matched my gear like I was in a RPG".


Although Mayim hosted tonight’s episode, fans have not forgotten about Jeopardy!’s other host Ken Jennings, who celebrates his 48th birthday today.

The former champion recently announced that he is taking a long hiatus from the show, as viewers eagerly wait to find out who will be named as the new permanent host.

But that didn’t stop fans from taking to Twitter to wish the Jeopardy! GOAT a happy birthday.

Under a thread started by the official Jeopardy! account, one fan gushed: "Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Ken! Miss you as host, can’t wait until you come back and I can enjoy the show again."

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Another begged: "Can we celebrate his birthday by announcing him to be the new permanent main Jeopardy host? Pretty please."

A third added: "The perfect birthday gift for Ken Jennings and his devoted fans would be to make him the permanent host of Jeopardy!"

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