Jana Kramer claims she'll tell kids Jolie, 5, and Jace, 2, about husband Mike Caussin's cheating scandal

SINGER and actress Jana Kramer has revealed she will tell children Jolie, 5, and Jace, 2, about husband Mike Caussin’s cheating scandal when the time is right. 

The One Tree Hill star, 37, admitted she knows that she will have to sit her kids down and tell them “when they get to the age they can Google.”

Speaking on the latest episode of Moms Like Us with host Christina Garibaldi and Stroller in the City’s Brianne Manz, Jana said: “We’ve definitely talked about it. When Jolie gets to the age where she can Google — I don’t know what age that’s going to be — we’re gonna sit her down.”

She went on: “I actually have someone that I know, her dad cheated on her mom and they’re still married. She told me how they did it. They sat her down and it was like, ‘Hey, this is what Daddy did. But Daddy loves Mommy so much.’”

Former NFL player Mike, 33, and Jana got married in 2015, but split in 2016 after he admitted to cheating with multiple women.

Trouble hit again when Jana discovered a woman texted him a topless photo in October 2019 on his Apple Watch, which Mike claimed a “bot” sent him the message.

Mike admitted cheating on his wife with multiple women and after a brief split the couple reunited and Caussin began treatment for sex addiction.

At the end of 2019, Jana posted on Instagram: “2019. Ur coming to a very interesting end… and for now, all I have to say is… Time heals all wounds.”

In October last year Jana revealed she received a direct message on Instagram claiming her husband had cheated on her again.

Mike and Jana have previously been open about his infidelities, and she revealed on their podcast Whine Down that she was left "in freak-out mode" when she read the message.

"A few days ago, I got a DM saying that Mike cheated," said the country singer.

"And the reason why it caught me off guard was because the very first time I found out Mike cheated on me was through a DM."

"So automatically, I'm in freak-out mode," she continued.

She revealed that the message read: "Mike cheated again. I'm sorry."

"I looked at the person's profile — it had zero followers, so it's like they just made this account. So I reach out," she said, adding that she realized it was "either someone trying to mess with me and pop this bubble and get in my head, or it's true."

"The really sucky thing about it is that my default can't go to, 'There's no way.' I told Mike last night, that's where it hurts the most — where I can't just go, 'I trust him a thousand percent. He would never do that.'"

She was told by the user that he had a "secret device" and she spent time searching their Nashville house for it, before realizing it was making her feel "crazy."

"But I can't ignore it completely, because of our history," the mom of two added.

"There's not enough stuff in the bank to trust his word 1,000 percent, because of the stuff last year, and that sucks."

In response, Mike said: "It crushed me, because it sucks.

"I feel the same as her … it sucks that she can't default to trusting me. It sucks that I've done what I've done in the past to create that in a relationship right now.

"My hope is that years down the line, if something like this happened again, she'd be able to bring it to me and we'd almost be able to laugh about it because there is that much trust in the bank."

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