Jacqueline Jossa defends letting daughter Mia, 2, drink cups of tea – saying she 'loves it'

JACQUELINE Jossa has defended giving her two-year-old daughter Mia cups of tea, insisting: "She loves it."

The pair enjoyed a hot-drink break outside in their garden today, with the 27-year-old star addressing her "haters".

She explained Mia's unusual choice of drink, saying: "We've got our tea and our coffee. Obviously mummy's got coffee, Mia's got a little tea.

"Just for all the haters out there, she has it very, very, very weak. It's mostly milk with a little bit of tea.

"She loves it and we have it every morning. She's got hers – look how much she loves it. And mummy's got hers – needed."

The former Lauren Branning star then took a sip, sighing: "Oh that's perfect. Nice."

Jac added: "It is quite cold but Mia wants to sit outside. She wants to have her cup of tea outside, like my mum likes to have her tea outside.

"That's probably why. Hopefully we'll go back in soon."

Mia is one of former EastEnders star Jac's two daughters with 29-year-old ex-Towie star Dan Osborne.

They also share a five-year-old called Ella while Dan has a son, Teddy, from a previous relationship with Megan Tomlin.

Should kids drink tea?

YOUNGSTERS should not have caffeinated drinks, says the NHS.

The health service named treats including coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks as "unsuitable for toddlers and young children".

However, in low quantities it is likely to have no ill health effects.

In fact, Embarassing Bodies host Dr Christian Jessen said it's better for little ones than many juices.

He said: "If your toddler likes tea, then a small cup or two of weak tea per day will do them no harm at all.

“It’s certainly better than many of the high sugar juices that so many toddlers drink."

Last night Jac showed fans some of the highlights from her new clothing line with In The Style ahead of tonight's launch.

The Sun revealed last year that she had bagged a mega-money six-figure deal to promote the brand after being crowned Queen of the I'm A Celebrity jungle.

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