Is Rosie Marcel leaving Holby City as Jac Naylor?

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Rosie’s character Jac has been a central focus of Holby City storylines since she first arrived on the wards of the BBC Tuesday night soap in 2005. Following her most recent return to the drama in July, the stalwart has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and fans have been left wondering if Jac’s time is really up. In the coming months, the programme is being taken off air for good after it was cancelled by the TV broadcaster and here is everything you need to know about whether Rosie is to going to bid farewell to her alter-ego.

Is Rosie Marcel leaving Holby City as Jac Naylor?

Jac’s diagnosis was first revealed in a touching scene with the Director of Surgery at the hospital, Henrick Hanssen (played by Guy Henry).

The episode which aired at the beginning of August saw Hanssen confused as to why his colleague was not performing surgery despite being one of the best surgeons in the hospital.

Rosie’s character was more focused on helping with a research project looking at the brain rather than her own work.

Showing her boss a CT scan of her brain, she explained she had tumours and was starting to get headaches but didn’t want to stop working as a result of her diagnosis.

Although it is benign, the tumour is still growing and the mother of one has been looking into treatments to help her.

In a poignant moment, Jac said: “Holby’s my home. This hospital made me who I am and if this tumour kills me, I need to know I did absolutely everything I could to save it.”

As the show draws to a close, it could be bosses are looking to kill off one of their biggest characters and this was a precursor for such an event.

Officially, there has been no statement from Rosie or producers to confirm Jac is leaving the show for good.

However, things weren’t looking too good for the character in last week’s episode when Max McGerry (Jo Martin) insisted she looks into alternative treatments as Eli Ebrahimi’s (Davood Ghadami) research might not pan out the way Jac had hoped.

With the clock ticking away, it could be a matter of weeks before viewers are bidding the character farewell.

This tumour [could] kill me

Jac Naylor

What has Rosie Marcel said about quitting Holby City before?

Rosie is reportedly one of the highest-earning soap stars the BBC employs, with her salary somewhere in between £200,000 and £249,000.

However, at the start of 2021, she revealed she was bowing out of the role she had held for 16-years due to “exhaustion”.

The actress explained to Digital Spy: “I’m sad obviously – I love the show and I’ve been there a really long time.

“But it got to a stage where I was just so tired and I really needed that break, to the point where I’ve not really done anything else and I don’t want to – I want to take time off.”

This made her return to the show even more shocking just a few short months later, with viewers expecting never to see Jac again.

Rosie revealed how her exit in February was never permanent and she had “fibbed” to keep the secret from fans.

“Sorry to have fibbed to you all. This has been a tight-lipped secret for four months! I’ve had to drive into the BBC in a hat, mask, sunglasses every day but it’s been worth it to see all your lovely tweets and comments.

“And getting to work with the amazing @therealdavood [Davood Ghadami] not to mention my lovely @bbcholbycity family again. I have missed them. The b***h is back and it’s going to [be] epic,” she wrote on Instagram.

How long she is going to be around this time depends on whether her brain tumour can be treated in time.

Taking to Twitter, fans have been reacting to Jac’s recent storyline. 

Juani wrote: “They better not kill Jac off before they ax the show, I swear. #HolbyCity.”

Louise added: “Are you going to end Holby with Jac Naylor dying from brain tumour like Mark Greene in ER did? #HolbyCity #holby #jacnaylor.”

Holby City continues Tuesday at 7:50pm on BBC One.

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