Is Paris Hilton Jealous or Proud of Kim Kardashian?

As many of you know, way back when – before The Kardashians became the shrewd businesswomen and social media influencers they are today – Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were best friends, taking on the spotlight as a dynamic duo.

While many thought Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s assistant, given the knack for closet cleaning and clothes shopping, Kim Kardashian always identified as and insisted that she was a fashion-first friend, a confidante, not an employee.

Today, though Paris Hilton has no concerns on the financial front, she is indisputably less famous than the woman fans used to mistake for her assistant.

Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West, boasts a successful beauty line (KKW Beauty), and has over 140 million followers on Instagram. And let us not forget, she recently attended the Met Gala in a wet dress look designed to kill (whether or not it was on-theme is a different story).

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Paris Hilton, on the other hand, is still known as an American media personality and boasts a devout fan following; she has transitioned into the world of DJing and has 10.8 million followers on Instagram. Though still making waves of her own, when’s the last time you heard about The Simple Life – a show that was the Jersey Shore and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians of its time?

In short, Paris Hilton has been upstaged – whether intentionally or not – by the woman she helped bring into the spotlight. Like an apprentice surpassing the master, it’s always a bittersweet sensation. The question is: Is Paris leaning towards the bitter, or the sweet, of that age-old spectrum?

Paris Hilton talks Kim Kardashian on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’

Paris Hilton has been questioned about Kim Kardashian several times in the past – an inquiry that has likely led the star to realize her personal claims to glory are less fascinating to many than her relationship with Kim Kardashian. Does this sit well?

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During a recent interview with Andy Cohen in May, Cohen asked how Paris Hilton responds to people who say that she is responsible (in part) for Kim’s success and growth. Paris Hilton stated:

“I’m so proud of her. I think she’s always been such an amazing businesswoman. She’s so smart. She’s gorgeous.”

There you have it. Straight from the mouth of Paris Hilton herself: she couldn’t be more proud of the woman Kim Kardashian has become. However, she did avoid the actual question. Why?

Is Paris Hilton just trying to save face? No one gets away with slamming Kim Kardashian twice

While Paris Hilton responded to Andy Cohen with praise for Kim Kardashian, she did not actually answer his question. A simple “no” would have sufficed, followed by an explanation of why Kim Kardashian would have always wound up successful. However, Paris Hilton dodged the question and seemed to resort to what a publicist would have deemed “the safe zone.” Remember what happened the first time she claimed responsibility for the Kardashian family’s success? Didn’t go over well.

Hilton discussed how proud she is of Kim Kardashian instead. Does Hilton still believe she is somewhat responsible for Kim Kardashian’s fame and success? And, if so, did she hesitate to admit such out of fear that she would face backlash again? While this is all just speculation, it seems probable.

Pride and jealousy often go hand-in-hand; however, in the case of Paris and Kim, it seems like pride and responsibility are at play. Paris may feel proud of Kim, yet also partially the source of Kim’s success: a statement that many Kardashian lovers would not have jumped on board with. And, who wants to face off against a posse of people who keep up with the Kardashians? So, let’s take Paris Hilton’s word until she is asked again…in a few days. For, if you Google Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian will pop up as one of the first auto-fills.

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