Is MacKenzie McKee Joining the 'Teen Mom OG' Cast? She Might Just Be

Teen mom fans are dealing with a lot of changes in recent months. Not only did they watch as Jenelle Evans was ousted from the show, but they were just asked to welcome in her replacement, Jade Cline. Now, it looks like they’ll be treated to the melodrama that is Mackenzie McKee’s life, too. Mackenzie appeared on 16 and Pregnant before being cast in the now-defunct Teen Mom 3. She will be the second Teen Mom 3 alumnus to join MTV’s signature franchise.

Who is Mackenzie Mckee?

Mackenzie is an Oklahoma native who appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2011. What set Mackenzie apart from the crowd was her diabetes diagnosis and her monosyllabic boyfriend, Josh McKee. Josh, you see, was a future rodeo star, but the pregnancy seemingly sidelined that aspiration.

The pair went on to get married and have two more children, but everything hasn’t been sunshine since then. According to Cafe Mom, the McKee’s were basically keeping up appearances while they filmed Teen Mom 3. When the show ended, Josh filed for divorce from Mackenzie. They somehow worked it and remained together, but their relationship seems anything but stable.

Mackenzie’s mother, Angie, was recently diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis has thrown more heartbreak into the young Midwesterner’s life. Both her relationship with Josh and her mother’s cancer diagnosis are likely to be featured in upcoming Teen Mom OG episodes.

Who is Mackenzie replacing?

McKee was apparently desperate to join another reality TV cast when MTV was on the hunt for Farrah Abraham’s replacement. In fact, media outlets reported in 2018 that McKee would be the teen mom to take over the spot, but MTV had different plans. Instead, Cheyenne Floyd joined the cast. McKee was pretty pissed off that she wasn’t cast and she wasn’t shy about letting people know.

Thankfully for McKee, she seemingly didn’t burn all her bridges over at MTV. She’s officially replacing Bristol Palin, at least for the time being. While McKee is busy filming with the Teen Mom OG production team now, she hasn’t been granted tenure on the show. According to Ok Magazine, she’ll only appear in a few episodes towards the end of the new season. Essentially, she’ll be trying out to take over the coveted spot on the roster.

Was McKee really the right choice?

The team behind Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have had a rough go of it lately. Not only did they fire Jenelle Evans after her dog was shot and killed by her husband, but they had to contend with the gun-toting North Carolina native to even film. While McKee is a lot more lowkey than Evans, it’s possible she’ll be a problem for the Teen Mom’s PR team.

Anyone who has seen Teen Mom 3 knows that Mackenzie can be difficult. The mother of three came across spoiled and indignant during her short reality TV career. It’s possible that time has matured the former cheerleader, but if current news about the married teen mom is to be believed, she probably hasn’t.

Mackenzie and Josh were paid a visit by authorities recently

McKee and her husband Josh recently had a pet removed from their care. Animal Control stopped by the McKee’s Miami, Oklahoma home to respond to reports of a neglected animal. They found a Harlequin Great Dane caged in the McKees’ backyard. The family was away on a cruise, according to TMZ.

McKee alleges that the dog was being cared for, but neighbors have a different story to tell. They claim the dog had been left in the rain and was crying for days when they called animal control on the McKees. Since the dog’s owners were not available to deal with the issue, Hank was removed from the property as storms threatened the his safety.

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