I'm A Celebrity's Shane Richie's tension with AJ Pritchard is ‘fake’ and 'edited to look bad' says EastEnders star's son

I'M A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star Shane Richie's son has insisted his tension with AJ Pritchard is "fake" and "edited to look bad".

The 31-year-old hit out at the ITV show for "playing with people's lives" after his dad appeared to annoy AJ during Thursday night's episode.

Tensions boiled over when Shane tried to break the ice with AJ and make light of their row over the washing up from earlier in the week.

Walking across the set, 56-year-old Shane tossed his tin dish on the ground with a loud clang, prompting AJ to flash him a furious look.

The former Strictly star, 29, was also left unimpressed after Shane grabbed his shoulder later on.

However, the actor's son is convinced their on-screen tension is simply down to "editing".

Taking to Twitter last night, Shane Jnr wrote: "I know it’s a TV show but ur playing with peoples lives man. If their really is tension then I’m all for it. Or are you editing to cause tension?

"That’s what I can’t agree with. I know it’s telly but theirs vile comments being thrown around and it’s not fair."

Viewers rushed to defend Shane, with one commenting: "Definitely editing! You know yourself it's been too cosy cosy this year & everyone is so close. There taking anything any shot of disgust/anger to make a storyline to draw people in. All about the editing with these shows! Don't care who gets slated as long as they have viewers."

A second agreed: "Definitely editing.. we only see snippets. Maybe later they were laughing and joking. But there's only so much you can see in an hours show."

The tension came hours after AJ had slammed Shane's washing up, reigniting their feud that had almost split the camp.

AJ spent hours scrubbing the food tins clean, transforming them from a grubby brown to a sparkling silver.

He made a point of telling his campmates how a job "was worth doing properly", taking aim at Shane's previous scrubbing efforts.

When Beverley made a song and dance about the gleaming tins, Shane looked less than impressed.

The pair had previously exchanged a few tense words when AJ sought out Shane in the bedroom and asked him to wash up a mound of tins.

The former EastEnders star snapped he couldn't until there was hot water, which wasn't his role in camp.

However, AJ then pointed out he had used the pot to get the hot water to soak the dirty dishes, leading to tension between the pair.

Chuntering, Shane stormed off to fix the mess, but made no effort to disguise his annoyance.

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